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  1. If its lacking I cant see you with ability gear. Myself I did use the manabomb as well it is slow but a couple of them with ability gear should definitly kill him off.. EDIT: unless the most recent patch changed the mana bomb. AL in C5 can use its ability 2 or its right click spam
  2. Hopefully they dont just cut it off.. Its nice to have some type of progression. If ascension is cut off then we're back to step one... a game with really no end game not that it has any right now. If anything decrease the of power per level. If someone wants to play 700 hours an get a load of ascension let them. They enjoy the game.
  3. I could see some of the points being valid prior to C5... But once your C5 geared.. Like a bunch of them mentioned you can almost use any tower . Off note. Everyone mentioned using the range gambit.. Is the lose of 1500 DP worth the increase?
  4. Don't think the disconnection issue will be implemented as it wasnt when we had onslaught. But the idea of get progressively better rewards by playing the rotations of maps is an awsome Idea. Tdb suggested of having an individual counter for yourself and other players joining is a great idea as well.
  5. Yes definitly. It gets Stagnant very quickly. We need some End game content too ;)
  6. Yes Zimmerman! a deck system would be awsome. I think we'll need to wait for their new Character select system to come out first and if we're lucky they'll have that implemented.(Proactively) LOL
  7. JuiceBags very dissappointing, You had it on stream i hope though definit a laugh ;). Ya I'd agree check with support hopfully they can revive a veterans bag.
  8. Bubbles , Sparkles and AL ability 2 lol. Not enough gear for a 2nd character yet. hopfully fixed my towers can clear but still makes me nervous if a flyer comes near. whats your anti assassin strategy?
  9. Iv had them stun lock me by jumping off and all my abilities including repair are disabled until another jumps on...
  10. Watch your gold spending.. They give you a bunch at the start but it aint easy to get back. most ppl seem to be using tokens
  11. Had that a week back.. next day it was gone. Hard to make a bug report on a temporary thing lol
  12. Surprising. my NM gear had me doin C3. If your using Flame towers you gotta work on placement alot more now unless you have a range sphere. Enemies don't agro like they used to so as long as you don't stuff your tower's right in front of the enemy they will ussally ignore it. The game has also become alot more Hero Oriented, IMO. So get your ability power up and that should assist with killing off everything. I believe I was using my squire's laser sword abilite and it was clearing lanes that didnt have shields. Also use that frost tower it does wonders.
  13. Didnt get my Range Shard till 135, Vampiric I have no idea when. But I ran about 80 C1s to get that ranged one. gonna start Running C3/4 for the Rate/Flame attack shards. C3 about 30 times now
  14. It does exist .. got one today actually at level 145... 80% Chaos 1 farming. But ya Iv tried a few chaos 4 and reciveiid Critical shards and C1 shards , very dissappointing.
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