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  1. Was just gonna make a thread about this myself. The items I had got rolled back, but I didn't get the rewards either. I didn't have any iPWR 241+ items equipped at the time, but they were in my inventory (perhaps they had to be equipped to count?).
  2. Changing the Skyguard Tower to physical with an Uber would still require 2 monks to cover both resistance types in maps with multiple flying lanes. Cannons are unreliable for shooting flying, and it's unlikely that we'll see a brand new physical flying tower soon. Fixed that idea :) This would be a solution to the problem, but it would probably force every builder monk to run this Uber in the higher difficulties just to handle the flying mobs. Until we have more tower and character build options, I think the best options would be to either change the Skyguard Tower to ignore resistances (or deal neutral damage), or remove resistances from flying lanes (give them extra health instead).
  3. I've been farming Liferoot Free Play Normal for about 8 runs now, almost level 30. Never seen one, but have tons of the other mats (in the little vials)... Maybe it doesn't start dropping until the next difficulty? That's what I was wondering as well. They might be from onslaught mode or something I haven't been to yet. It might also be possible that they were bugged before and were fixed in today's patch.
  4. I saw this posted by a developer on the Steam Forums regarding shellium shards: [TrendyEnt] Pmasher [developer] 1 hour ago I think I actually made an error in the patch notes, at one point in development shellium shards was from rotten pet eggs. But now it's just another reagent you have to find from pet food boxes.
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