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  1. I come to the forums and no announcement that 8.4 is out DDRnG is also empty of an announcement PC Community Events Group also empty I did eventually find an announcement on the Dungeon Defenders Steam application page. I come to the forums to check on DD2 updates and announcements, and expected that if a large DD1 update (8.4) was actually released, I would be able to hear about it. Maybe a "This friday is the release day!" Maybe a "Yay the patch is released!" announcement. Instead I get a message from a friend saying "oh btw, i think the patch might be out. i havent played yet, but it did a large patch. no announcement or anything" I guess the point I am trying to make is that the community feels dead. If you had asked me before the patch, I would have said "its a small community, but a new patch is coming, and everyone is hyped! #hypetrain!" So is the dundef community dead outside of Plane's discord? Or has the community shrunk and just changed to live on Plane's discord? Do i just abandon the forums and steam groups and have to watch someones discord instead?
  2. I am having extreme problems playing this map. I usually play DD with medium graphics, and run into little to no problems (with the exception of Tinkerer's Lag), however the "fog" effect is making my whole machine slow to a stop. When I dropped the settings to low graphics, i was able to play the level, getting 1 to 2 fps when I am trying to build near fog. Building in the house is perfect, no issues, but step out of the tavern and it is a nightmare. I'm not expecting a fix for this (as it seems I may be one of the few people who does not have a windows based gaming machine), but just wanted to make a note for any future levels or events, that it would be greatly appreciated to not include a fog everywhere without a setting to be able to graphically remove it. Thanks.
  3. Orri

    Item Check Thread

    Morning, Can I please get an IC on this? Got a new toy, thinking of auctioning it (is it worth anything?), and I sent the unblocked one to Caimen0
  4. bergzwerver: Thank you for your answers. I think the first thing I would like to identify is what the "problem" is that is trying to be fixed. If the goal is to make the Lab Assaults not so over rewarding, then removing the accessories does not fix the problem. If the goal is to make the holiday maps great again, then I would think making their rewards better is the more correct approach. DD already has a precedent of the reward items from missions to appear as generic loot in other missions. Such as the Van Wolfenstein reward from the halloween missions appearing as "Mythical Electric Lupine Bow" as random drops from other missions. The argument of removing the accessories from Lab Assault because they are rewards from other missions seems to go against that idea. If the reward item from Winter Wonderland was "Santa's Actual Beard", then i would say "Santa's Actual Beard" should not drop from Lab Assaults. But since the item you get from Lab Assaults is "Supreme Santa Beard Mask", it fits into the pattern of a generic item dropping that was a reward item. If the argument holds, and removing the accessories from Lab Assaults is the solution to "holiday maps arent as great as they used to be", then I would like to argue to remove lupine bows from random drop tables, only to be a reward from halloween maps, as the logic follows the same path. I like the idea of making sure the rewards from the holiday maps may be better than the versions that come from Lab Assaults, but I dont like the idea of removing those accessories from Lab Assaults.
  5. Morning, Maybe I'm not following this all correctly, so someone please tell me what I am missing... This is what I understand so far: -Lab Assaults currently drop a bunch of high end accessories. -Other maps had accessories made for them, that were exclusive to that map, but now can drop on Lab Assaults I used to play this game quite a lot, but due to the mac/linux break about a year ago, it has taken me until now to be able to play again.. so my knowledge in many things is lacking (sorry). My Questions: Are the drops in Lab Assault as good as the versions from the original maps? If the answer is "no" - then why remove them from Lab Assaults? After those accessories in question are removed from Lab Assaults, will Lab Assaults have any accessories left? If "yes" - Are those accessories as good as the ones that will be removed? If the answer is "yes" - then what is the point of all of this? Is this only for people who want their character to have a beard and hat that matches their santa imposter Barbarian? And if there will be no accessories left in Lab Assaults: I don't support this. And if there are accessories left, and they are lower quality than from the holiday maps: Why not just lower the quality/stats on all accessories in Lab Assaults? If you want the best versions, play the original maps. If you are happy with not as good quality, continue to run Lab Assaults. (I have further questions/comments on this whole thing, but before I get there, I'd like to know what I am missing from the current discussion - sorry for my lack of knowledge in this area) TLDR - Why not just lower the quality on the Lab Assault drops instead of removing them?
  6. Orri

    Item Check Thread

    Morning, Friend gave me a Howling Werewolf (no trace before him was given). I am pretty sure it is a dupe/fake for that reason alone, but it is also gold (wolf head is green, but crossbow is gold).. can someone tell me if this is even possible? Thanks for your time!
  7. Orri

    Item Check Thread

    Morning, IC please: Friend was given this for free in a shop... makes me suspicious...
  8. Orri

    Item Check Thread

    Morning, IC on: http://imgur.com/HBqvAty Ultimate Pawn Shot, 1 level from max .. thanks!
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