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  1. I love the archers :) love finding unique cool placements
  2. I dont really mind about them its that theres no motivation to try out the new campaign for us "veterans"
  3. As I saw Mystic has a blockade, so we can (and we will) level up 3 of them- one for dps, one for tower damage and last one for baricade hp I was just wondering if some passives would make barricade hp scale with hero damage or ability power so we dont have to switch between the same characters (somethink I dislike)
  4. I wanted for a long time exclusive pet for gems.. but minimum gems I can buy is 500 but now I dont have to pay any money because you got me 200gems :) god bless you thank you
  5. I noticed when my ally EV placed protons This is what it shows me how she was placing them and this is how she actually was placing them
  6. well im not informed enough and posting same things others posted already :D
  7. Today I saw a flying kobold kamikaze to my electric aura and proton beam im not sure if thats intended or not
  8. That would be really good nice idea
  9. I agree but I dont mean bigger chance for specificaly 750 but 700-750 sometimes I dont even get a gear in like 8 runs
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