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  1. thanks alot :D [[77157,users]] then start drawing again :D it's just all practice, really :D you might want to check my deviantart? ô.o http://blueberry-milk.deviantart.com/
  2. Thank you guys <3 I am happy the drawings are liked :)
  3. Mh i would say the pet themselfes. I somehow like those round first stage cat pets and checked wich kinds there are. And somehow i started to sketch some. ehehe ^^
  4. Thanks :) Depends on how conecntrated i work. Those are around 3 hours while livestreaming. Anything wrong with that? ô.o I made sketches by hand but recreated them later on PC.
  5. Mh I really would have loved to get some more feedback :<
  6. So far this is the result. I still have a third one planed, but am not sure when/if i will draw it. Maybe i will make Wallpaper sized ones of them. Uhm... hope you like it.
  7. I would like to request an extention aswell. Especialy since i think you launched the Event too early after Wipeageddon. I am frustrated, since i got the game from the sale last week and didnt really know what for example iPW was i still had to get used to the game and so forth. When i finaly had time to play the game more than a littlebit, it was weekend already, Event time O. O Well... i did not count but i asume i was farming for a while... I managed to watch 3 movies and around 15 episodes of a series i watch... while farming.
  8. Most complains are a matter of principle not because of the hat itself. They do not like how this whole thing happend. And it is their right to let Trendy know about how they feel. Me included. Now take a cookie or something because your posts seem like you are hungry.
  9. I think that is the overall problem here. They did not really mention why this person was handed out codes and also didn't explain that he is allowed to do with them whatever he wants. Basicly there seems to be nearly no communication. Somone said the streamer didn't even know about them linking him. There is simply just too less information. Some people now are butthurt and some just see how this is not working. Others thinks the whole thing is handled wrong and so on. Mostly everything we discuss here is based on partial information. I guess this whole thing did not went the way they thought it would. I have no other explenation... somehow...
  10. Isn't that how most people feel when joining a channel for a giveaway? Barely any of them stay because of the person and most people will unfollow again when the giveaway is done. It is a bit sad. On the other hand sometimes you discover someone you really like in the way he/she streams, wich is the bright side of it.
  11. Wow... i just went through the steam discussion... I am shocked how a streamer can even think about that. I already posted there but i will say this again. If i got those codes i would do a multi language stream (i usualy stream german) and invite everyone to join raffels. I had some hots keys when it was still in CBT i didnt even ask for follows, just everyone could enter. Using giveaways to bribe others in the stream is... well it feels shady. To ask for subs in exchange for anything more than the usual privileges (emotes, commands and such) is a no go in my opinion! @Trendy i recommend to pick out streamers carefuly, maybe make a post where people can apply for the right to raffle out some codes on theire streams. Also monitor them and advice them to give out the keys in raffles or other fair for all ways. Everyone can make a mistake but maybe you will think of a way to smooth things out? Would be good. (Since i am at it already: i volunteer as a streamer to give out codes in raffels :3 ehehe *edit* i am not a total professional streamer more like the feel at home channel but i have principles for fairness and so on! and a regular schedule uhm yeah feel free to ask things if you are interested ^^)
  12. A little bit of tower atk speed woould be great. i didnt join before the wipe but i played DD1 alot and yeh it does not feel much like progressing at the moment....
  13. Reading this...I just hope item farming does not get too frustrating i future...
  14. Same here... Either it's stuck in searching or stuck in loading screen :<
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