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  1. Banned for not stating (At the time of this post) In your banned message.
  2. Cardio, I'd rather the endurance if you ask me. Yes or No?
  3. Questions in title, Whats the best map to level ALT Characters? Because I'm stuck and I need them to progress, I figure running Gates of Dragonfall on FP-H isn't the best option, so really, What is? What's the best option for farming EXP?
  4. Dota 2. Lol's trash, well, the community is. E.E Twitch or Youtube?
  5. Staycation Obviously. DD1 or DD2? (Mwahahah)
  6. Shot ya a request, AEST or GMT+10 Also from Brisbane, QLD Rep! 
  7. Yuwee Honestly, It looks like Im going to hit the point of walking away, I'll more than likely just drop the game for like 3 weeks to a month and pick it up again to see if it's improved since ya'kno? But yeah, leveling my Squire now, seems to be my best option, unfortunately. Getting' kinda tired of leveling characters now , I've done a Apprentice when EXP wasn't working, I've done a monk afterwards when they fixed it which was considerably easier and now I'll be working on another one, followed by my huntress. Ain't no rest for the wicked is there? (That fuse is getting shorter now)
  8. How are we meant to progress from end game content to NM content? I've gotten lost once I hit End Game to NM transition, me and my group were initially just farming the first wave as best we could, hopefully we'd kill the first boss but if not well, reset try again situation.... It caused our squire to quit on us, drove me and my friend bonkers because we'd finish the wave only to get smashed by the ogre. So on so forth and when we finally did kill it we got gear yes, but honestly, it felt boring, not fun and ***ty. Loosing Forward, Is boring unfortunately the only option we had because we couldn't do the content with just me and him. Do you plan to make the path you're meant to take more obvious, more streamline progressing from Free Play Hard to End Game Hard / Insane because you're changing it, will progressing into Nightmare be fun and challenging but not impossible? Because that's what it seems like at the moment. Inventory Sorting, is there any talk about adding in any sorting systems because at the moment it's literally the most tedious part of the game right now. managing my inventory because I like to pick up all the eggs and items that'll be good for my characters that I'm leveling. Headache inducing actually, I try and keep my eggs in one bag, my legionaries in another, blues in another purples, so on so forth. then I'd attempted to sort them by level, rather ilvl then but I've given it up as it's simply to unwieldy to do. A system to sort my inventory by item rarity, Item level and designate bags for certain items like those boxes that contain pet related items, or for eggs would be great. ^^^ Boiled down; Do you plan to add options to sort inventories by ilvl, by rarity and the possibility of designating bags for one thing so when you hit sort all items of that category get thrown into it, I.E designating a bag for eggs so when i sort all my pet eggs get dumped in there? A third question because I feel it needs asking, but is this whole 'set system' going to be a cornerstone of the game because I feel I need to point out the flaws within it, first and foremost would be the fact that loot is hard enough to gather as it and adding in sets like you are is going to develop a meta like D3 is, sure there may be 'variance' as you say but eventually, it's going to end up with one set single way being better than all other variances and that's what everyone going to use. Even if a single set way doesn't end up being the be all and end all for a class, it'll end up like that eventually unfortunately. Like D3 is, there may be all the other sets and items but nobody uses them once they get the 'better' set even though they're all arguably amazing. Boiled down, are SETS going to be the be all and end all of end game content, no room for people without it or bad rolls, to bad for them they'll have to go get better gear? Do you think that even though you've left so much room for variance that people will eventually discover the 'best' version of it and that'll be all everyone uses because its so much better than the other variances of the set / build? RnG is harsh, and to people who need this stuff to go into NM and EG content, it can be crushing to do the map with the highest Ilvl drop pool and not getting the gear you want. Because that's what it looks like this'll be actually. Lightning questions will be marked as L: L: Is there anything planned to make the makes seem more unique, more distinct from another rather than the simple graphic and layout changes? I'm talking about things like awesome traps or single use only traps that destroy a lane but open another one? MAP altering decisions you can make when playing it? L: Is there an ETA on the skill sphere UI change? Looks awesome even though it's was only a concept art. It looked amazing and much more accessibly than the current version. L: Are there any plans to introduce an "Active" Game counter on maps so when you join a map you can see if there's people playing it rather than shooting in the dark and hoping you get it? L: Will you add more information about UBER Spheres into the game at some stage? Because from the tool tip you get exactly no information, especially considering more than half of them are cut off. L: Will tower skins offer any actual advantages over the others or will they just be cosmetic? L: Will we eventually see trading / more social options? L: Will re-rolling stats on an item like the D3 Mystic be available at any stage? L: Is there any thoughts on re-vamping the end game UI because it's confusing. L: Will you even let us see our own 'Social Score' or even explain what it's meant to be?
  9. I suppose I'll ad an addendum to the question above too, but how am I supposed to progress from End Game anything to nightmare? Randomly join NM1 games and hope for the best? Also above question is relevant here too, what's the most useful class / character I could roll for jumping in on public matches. I don't really want to leach because it'll make me feel like **** doing it. Anyway yeah, I'm off to bed night y'all.
  10. Righto, well I've spent most of today on and off playing and taking advice from this thread. Banging my head against a brick wall, dreading the fact that I'll have to level another class because it looks like my friends done his head in with the game. So I'll leave you with the following questions DD2 Community. What's the most useful class that I could be in just randomly joining lobbies? Human Blockade Squire? Hearty Harpoons or something, anyway beyond that, anyone have advice for where to search for games? Because when I searched for maps I usually find Jack. Thanks in advance for any information, I'm off to bed.
  11. I've hit 50 with an apprentice and I took a break from the game, I'd leveled with a group of friends, there were three of us at the time. A squire, A huntress and me, an apprentice. But as I mentioned, I took a break, and now that I'm getting back, they've gone off to play ARK, and I'm left with no-one, but before then, we'd hit a block so to say. We were all 50, but had no idea what to do. We tried the maps on end game, and we could manage, but when we hit End Game Hard, we hit a brick wall. We lost our squire then abouts, so it was just me and my friend left. We tried to go on but well, we couldn't do the content anymore xD. So really, my question is what do I do slash how can I progress now that I've hit EG with only an apprentice and Huntress? How do we feasibly progress into NM? Or do we level other characters? Yeah, sorry for the retarded questions and walls of text but, I'm kinda stuck. It also looks like it'll only be me shortly as my friend the huntress is getting bored of the game / where we're stuck in it.
  12. Hedgehog, Because they're prickly and harsh on the outside but soft and cuddly on the inside. .... Life or Death?
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