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  1. Maybe that would be a good way to do it and make it up. From what I saw though the Mods didn't seem like they were enough for a full stat, but if you mix your gear between all 3 and then pad it with mods maybe it'd be good.
  2. Glad you brought it up. It felt off to me. HP is 100% necessary on your gear. Sure you can get away with missing maybe a piece but after assassin's come in you kinda want it on everything. Hybrid DPS is some of the most fun ways to build a dps and that is completely out the window with what we know atm. At least, its not recommended after C4 if you ever wanna be alive past 20s into your map when an assassin spawns. We did it with HP and only 1 stat. It was kinda boring dps-wise. I'd personally like to see HP being inherent to gear, and then you need to make the decision to go either both HD and AP, or one damage stat and Armor to be tankier. Armor stat would be relevant, and without it you wouldnt be instantly 1 shot if you like using your primary attack and an ability.
  3. His epics looks like his legendaries. This is an injustice that the Lavamancer has suffered through for far too long! Even if its just cosmetic we need more variety in his weaponry, since that's half the fun of equipping weapons! Also Lavamancer tower skins pls
  4. snippy snip I REALLY want the Snakes on a Plane shard, but after farming C5 all week, i have yet to ever see one. I am hoping this helps on my low level clean-up build. Deadly Strikes may help too, but the range of Smite seems to cover most of the map already. I think when i have 5 Mystics, i will probably build some very interesting Obelisk combos, ha ha ha. Obelisk has global range for all of its effects but not including the flamethrower. I believe snakes on a plane also shares the flamethrower range.
  5. The casual player doesn't have a DD2 forum account with 991 posts and plays 2-4 hours a week. Lets call him Casual+
  6. Don't worry [[18530,users]] , my boy Lawlta knows i'm just messin with him
  7. [[166314,users]] What about introducing monthly mission to win defender pack(s)? [[166314,users]]
  8. I say it is unnecessary because when Trendy changed monk defenses they changed lightning aura to flame aura because they don't want 2 defenses doing same thing in one single hero.I'm not saying it's a bad idea and you should feel bad about it.I'm sorry if i ruined this post purpose. Well i add some new shard ideas. Silence Aura : Enemies inside of boost aura can not use their spells for 5 seconds.Can only affect enemies once.(means malthius can not spawn enemies inside of the aura or emp orcs can not emp your defenses.Flashy beam :Any hero who touch buff beam gets a 600 increased move speed and jump height for 5 second ( 600 range unit )Wave beam : Boost beam have 20% chance to drech enemies for 3 seconds while in contact with buff beam.Control beam/boost: Any crowd control effect duration increased for %25 while in contact with buff beam/boost aura. Maximum 2 sec increase.Spooky Beam: Enemies are %5 chance to flee to the spawn for 3 second.(Enemies have no collision while fleeing so they don't stuck with other enemies.Endurance Aura: Heroes take %10 less damage inside of the boost aura.Damage gambit beam: Affected Defenses deals between %15 less damage and %30 more damage. Oh no worries! I just meant that there's nothing wrong with 2 defenses being somewhat similar. As for the purpose, was just giving context, you've only been adding to the quality of the thread each time you post =D I really really like those shard ideas! They all fit really well with the defenses in my opinion! I'm especially fond of Flashy beam, makes me think of the boost pads in racing games.
  9. This will be unnecessary EV2 already have beam that slows enemies. Saying its unnecessary is like saying using frosty tower with protons is unnecessary. That being said, I understand that it overlaps quite a bit with protons, but its no worse than all the Fire AOE defenses we have. In the end though, I was just trying to populate bullet points since the main purpose of the post isn't the specific shards I mentioned but the idea that these 2 defenses need more utility shards :) I'd love to hear more ideas for shards that could work with these defenses.
  10. Papa [[166314,users]] said this post would be better with numbers so here goes. Boost Aura: Wither Aura: Boost Aura Withers enemies inside it reducing the damage they deal by 20%Enrage Aura: 10% Chance to Enrage a nearby enemy inside Boost Aura when an Enemy dies, causing nearby enemies to attack them.Healing Aura: Heroes inside Boost Aura heal for 7.5% of their max HP per second.Decaying Aura: Enemies inside Boost Aura take 20% more damage from all sources. (Or take 5% more damage from all sources each second, caping at 25%) Buff Beam: Range Boost: Defenses affected by Buff Beam gain 20% Range. Overclocked: Defenses affected by Buff Beam gain 20% defense speed, and increases the speed cap by 20%. (An example would be 20% both buff and cap increase so a defense capped at 1/s would fire at 0.8/s)Stun Trigger: Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds the first time they touch the buff beam, can only happen once per enemy.Overload: Buff Beam has a 5% chance to buff the DP/DC of all affected defenses by 100% for 4 seconds when any affected defense takes damage.Slow Beam: Enemies are slowed to 40% while in contact with buff beam.Critical Beam: Affected Defenses have their crit chance increased by 3%.Double Shot: Affected Defenses have a 20% chance to fire twice for full damage.Most of these were picked based off existing shards. TBH most the shard ideas were based off existing ones too. I didn't originally give numbers because the post isn't necessarily about these specific shards, but giving the defenses utility shards. That and leaving them blank makes it so they're judged on their effects, not scaling so they wouldn't be dismissed as OP or UP.
  11. I'm all about more shards in general. My original post and this comment should be taken in a perfect world where shard inventory isn't an issue, because that's a whole other bag of worms for another thread :')
  12. Fortified Beam: Turns Buff Beam into a Blockade and increases Defense Health by 34%So you don't need to waste another slot on Fortification
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