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  1. I loved the temple. Then it got buggy. I loved the idea of Omega Waves as a bonus wave. Then I got to one, lost, and realized it's not a "bonus" in any meaning of the word, it's mandatory, and losing it restarts the map. Hoping for some fixes so I can enjoy playing this game once more. Temple's current state is just...
  2. Gotta agree. Hope Trendy improves this. Playing Inventory Simulator is bad enough with only shards and good gear rolls was bad. Dealing with the flood of awful Mods, in hopes of getting a 9/10 or 10/10 roll, is tedious. Adding to that, I hate how the system was implemented in the first place. The increasing rarity for high level mods 100% makes sense, but adding the increasing quality between ranks makes everything 1-7 essentially equivalent. I genuinely don't understand why they thought anyone would enjoy this, just make it the same difference between all ranks. A 10/10 green will sti
  3. Meh, i used an alt to float gear and get back to C7 instantly. Though 4.0.2 broke it, so I'm doing another ive right now, I don't know if 4.0.3 reverted that or not. If you want to do more than just WM that's on you, do the extra farming to get another tinkered relic upgraded, or make do with relics as they come.
  4. I just go full-tilt on Weapon Man. Gear doesn't matter, weapon mans kill everything! Just keep a dryad on hand to kill those pesky rollers, give her whatever AP gear you find, and keep someone high enough health in the mean-time so that you can survive assassins long enough for WMs to peel them off you. Only need to upgrade a single relic per AP run.
  5. Mobs have to walk a long, long way to get to your defenses, if you turtle in the middle. This is especially problematic if you get one of the furthest spawns with Dreadbone's Hoard schedule. You watch for nearly a full minute as _only_ that spawn outputs enemies. (Actually a somewhat common problem with Dread Hoard, but this map exacerbates it.) Fun as this map could be, the fact that it takes nearly twice as long to complete as other maps means this is a 100% skip map for me.
  6. I'm ok with it being a challenging map, but personally I'd love to see retry for wave one only. I dunno about you, but I have lost count of the number of times I've failed a wave because I missed one of two paths that are below another path I _did_ build for -_- And now I have to rebuild _everything_. I think this would be a good way to maintain the challenge but get rid of the frustration factor.
  7. Agreed 100%. Being forced to farm for plain motes is ... really boring =/ Let me do C7 instead where enemies pretend to put up a fight, please.
  8. Man, I'm not color blind and even I have trouble telling where the bosses are sometimes. Oftentimes they're accompanied by a flood of small and big circles that hides the boss icon anyway. And let's not forget the game ogre mini ogres which also have the boss icon for some reason.
  9. +Looks fantastic +Navigation between modes is a bit easier now that I can find what I'm looking for instead of having to remember the order or just brute forcing it. +The clear display of "what chaos enemies are here" is nice, in expeditions. +Onslaught's Play Map, aka: "just put me in a map" puts you in your highest available, which is nice a nice shortcut. ~Wait, were Cyborcs moved from C5 to C4? Good move, if so. Bug, if not. -Region drop down list is not sorted at all. IMO it should be sorted chronologically (Town first, High Seas last) but it currently appears to be sorted by not
  10. With both the 1-floor system, and the "oh crap I died, rewind to last wave" system, progressing AP will be much faster and easier. At least, I suspect so. The individual waves will be harder, but not overwhelmingly so. In any case, you can just cycle maps until you get something that's favorable.
  11. Honestly, I've never understood why you can't join any floor. You'd have to beat it as per normal, and the difficulty would be the game creator's. But when you're done, your max floor would go up by one, if your max floor is equal to or below the floor being run. Like, Trendy is trying all these weird side things to make partying easier (invite and party changes), while leaving this super simple solution completely unexplored. You almost cannot play onslaught with friends because the moment I'm ahead or behind my playmate, whoever is behind has to get caught up (playing apart) or the furthe
  12. I personally think that they should've gone a little further with the Adept, like giving her a Frostfire Tower that somewhat combines the Ice Tower and Flamethrower towers, or it could just shoot a ice bolt similar to the old Fire Tower that damages and slows enemies. And maybe they could've given the Adpet an Elemantal Guardian tower that could be changed around depending on what gems and such you mix and match. And the Initiate really needs to be reworked to be more unique. I 100% understand where you're coming from, all I'm saying is I personally am satisfied with Adept's degree of s
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONuUAUofbdaav4GUVvWy69CLEatFalT73mGuhhLaXJg/edit#gid=0 Cyborcs are considered: Chaos, Melee, Orc
  14. Initiate I agree with 100%. That was a lazy reskin lol. I did buy her, but only because I was running out of space for all my defender medals. Adept I don't. Arc lightning is brand new. Bubble is brand new. Hailstorm is brand new (even if it's worse than SGT). I've heard that as a combat hero she's actually pretty strong. And she's definitely a great tool for players struggling with C5's assassins, just bubble at your feet when you hear them coming and you're saved.
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