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  1. I'll keep that in mind thanks for the heads up
  2. Ok sweet thanks for letting me know
  3. So I had 3000 gems from when the game became free to play and I decided to spend 1600 on the 16 admission tickets to the carnival. I just now realized that it might be possible to get repeats of certain items from the bling wheel and was wondering if anyone has gotten duplicates yet. Out of the 6 times I've grinded out the carnival I haven't gotten a repeat and have actually been blessed by RNG with the items that I wanted. I was also wondering if there was any special reward for completing it on a harder difficulty such as NM4. So if anyone has any information regarding the two subjects, it w
  4. Whenever I start up DD2 I get an "Authentication Failed" message. It says, "Could not successfully authenticate with Steam. Please try restarting the application. Contact support if the problem persists." I've already tried restarting steam, restarting my computer, and yet I still get the same error message every time. I am on the same account that I purchased the game, I did not purchase the game on a mac and am not family sharing, nothing has changed from when I played yesterday, other than the fact that I can't play. Thanks in advance, Zach
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