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  1. They're all ridiculously similar in damage per second. Burst is, for whatever reason, leagues beyond every single other pattern though while being probably the most accurate.
  2. I've compiled additional information. These were done with tests at 3% CH over several samples to reduce chance of error by critical hits. Records were rounded to the nearest tenth, so there's a very slight margin of error by rounding. I'll update this as I go along the way. 1x1 Standard = 200.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 1 projectile. 1x2 Standard = 100.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 2 projectiles. 1x3 Standard = 70.0% HD/projectile. 210.0% HD/second over 3 projectiles. 1x5 Standard = 46.0% HD/projectile. 220.0% HD/second over 5 projectiles. 2x1 Standard = 100.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 2 projectiles. 2x3 Standard = 35.0% HD/projectile. 210.0% HD/second over 6 projectiles. 2x4 Standard = 27.5% HD/projectile. 220.0% HD/second over 8 projectiles. 2x5 Standard = 23.0% HD/projectile. 230.0% HD/second over 10 projectiles. 4x1 Standard = 50.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 4 projectiles. 4x3 Standard = 17.5% HD/projectile. 210.0% HD/second over 12 projectiles. 4x4 Standard = 13.8% HD/projectile. 220.0% HD/second over 16 projectiles. 2x4 Burst = 33.3% HD/projectile. 265.0% HD/second over 8 projectiles. 4x4 Burst = 16.7% HD/projectile. 265.0% HD/second over 16 projectiles. 2x10 Scatter = 10.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 20 projectiles. 4x10 Scatter = 5.0% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 40 projectiles. 4x6 Double = 8.3% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 24 projectiles. 2x9 Falcon = 11.1% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 18 projectiles. 2x6 Dark = 16.7% HD/projectile. 200.0% HD/second over 12 projectiles. - - - Regarding the argument of 2x4 vs. 4x4, is it possible you used a Burst vs. a Standard pattern? Charged Primary deals 300.0% HD in a single projectile that also adds knockback. The damage is not modified in any way shape or form by the bow's attack speed or pattern. Ultimately a 4/s bow IS capable of 1'200% HD/second, though it's rather unlikely, whereas a 2/s bow is capable of 600% HD/second. When Charged Primary is not a factor (bad RNG) the type of bow you're using or the stats on it may result in a disparage between values. *Thanks to Insanetigs for documentation on 2x9 Falcon, Danishperfection for documentation on 4x6 Double, and Kraith88 for documentation on 2x6 Dark.
  3. Oddly I am seeing this too and cannot understand why. I am using Charged shot too. Unless you're very frequently triggering Charged Primary, this will be the case. 2/s happens to be stronger. The key difference is that Charged Primary fires one projectile independent from bow characteristics. If you don't trigger Charged Primary in any given second, 2/s will do more damage. If you trigger Charged Primary more than I think twice in a given second, 4/s will do more damage. This should be the case. I'll double check later.
  4. Good work! Always a pleasure to see more resources being readily available for the playerbase.
  5. AP if you want more physical burst every 8 seconds + stronger magic damage when helping out the physical resistance lane. HD if you want more consistent and steady physical DPS. Split if you're indecisive. It's a preference thing. I like pure AP, but it doesn't mean pure HD or split aren't just as good options. Dreamanime : A little late to respond here. HD/AP + CHC Apprentice is the optimal class for the physical resistant lane. Especially since Huntress can't burst magic damage outside of a 20 second cooldown, and even then it's often times not strong enough to delete some of the bigger enemies in NM4 that are pushing a few hundred thousand HP. I'm playing around with a few more experimental builds, but I'm not sure how good they are yet since I haven't been playing much to gear them up. I might have something new for the neutral lane. It remains to be seen.
  6. You are absolutely right. Went in-game to test it out, realized I had the wrong sphere on during my first tests. Glad to see it works properly now. I still recommend Charged Primary Sphere for the large slot, but an extra 35% DPS is pretty nice too. It looks like you don't need to be that far away to gain the full damage from it either.
  7. Valmek - Not sure on this one. The damage of a 4x? bow should be comparable to a 2x? bow. The main difference is the RNG rate of Charged Primary Sphere. 2x? might have more consistency and less fluctuation. The Charged Primary shot uses a single projectile that isn't divided and now (just tested and clarified) deals 300% of Hero Damage (formerly 250%). Meaning a 2/s bow can potentially fire 600% HD per second whereas a 4/s can potentially fire 1'200% HD per second. A_Very_Grumpy_Cat - That's an adequate replacement. Movement Speed is always very nice to have. Professor_Valconian - I advise taking the Hero Critical Chance medium sphere. The Long Distance buff is and has been bugged and does not work, nor has it worked in a very long time (tested with wrong sphere - it works). SAS for HP drops off very hard after 15 points. AP investments are fine due to the nature of scaling on abilities. Elemental damage is also pretty pointless, since the magic damage you get from it will have zero impact on magic res lane and next to no impact on phys res lane (especially with only 4 projectiles). It's only a minor supplement on neutral res. Whereas the 300-450 AP you'd miss out on, on skills such as Stickynades with 9'000% AP scaling, makes a significant difference.
  8. Please make it so that the dummies can be headshotted too. Projectiles bases lose a lot of damage through that. Ideally dummies should be susceptible to status debuffs too, like drown or chill, for tests utilizing those.
  9. Redundancy in statement. Everything should have Hero Crit Chance. When I referred to the helmet and ring slots, I just listed everything that they ideally should have. Armor, gloves, and boots should have Hero Crit Chance, and their other stats don't really matter (though Finglonger & Service Call is REALLY good on gloves, and Footloose is ideal on boots).
  10. CHD now is just a nice little extra thing. Worth investing some SAS points into due to soft caps. I still advocate running crits even in HD/AP build since abilities have their own multipliers. But overall, CHD and elemental weapons are relatively pointless once again. CHD is just a supplement and you lose quite a bit of damage opting for elemental damage instead of CHD or preferably AP on your weapon.
  11. Yes, I've edited the post above you. That build should work, and will likely not be nerfed considering it uses components that've been untouched for a long time now.
  12. Hey friends! It WAS fun while it lasted. CHD and elemental weapons are pretty lackluster once more in light of the hotfix. HD + AP is once again the way to go. For gear, A 4/s low projectile BURST or STANDARD bow with AP is the objective. You need 4/s for four chances per second to proc Charged Primary. HD builds benefit hugely from Charged Primary moreso than other Huntress builds. Flameageddon and Hero Crit Chance are still ideal stats for the bow. Aim for the head. The damage is nearly instantaneous and easy to aim. Low projectile HD builds will have very high headshot damage. For armor, Hero Damage and AP should be the ideal stats. Your helmet should have Superconductor, Channel, and Hero Crit Chance. Everything else ideally will have Hero Crit Chance. Ring is Hero Damage and AP, and should have Flameageddon, Superconductor, and Hero Crit Chance. For pet, until you can get either two of the three mana budget traits, you'll want a Gato pet with Encouragement. Afterwards, any of the damage ability pets would be the route. Some are stronger than others (by a LOT) but I don't know pets well enough to know their individual scaling. Their damage scaling DOES go off of hero damage though, so it does a lot to supplements your DPS. For your SAS, 200 AP, 15 CHD, 165 Hero Damage is the route. You can omit 15 Hero Damage for Hero Health if you want a 1'000 HP buffer. For small spheres, Hero Crit Chance (2% & 3%), Hero Damage (+42) are the ideal ones. For the medium, Anti-Air (+20%) and Hero Crit Chance (+5%). For Large, you'll want Charged Primary Sphere. For Uber, Stickynades. You're now relying on Charged Primary proc and Stickynades for burst physical and Oil Flask + Piercing Shot for magic. You still build crits for your abilities, since the damage boost from crits is huge on them and you lose nothing by building them. Gameplay is simple. Aim at the head. Deal good damage. When you crit, deal a little extra damage. When you headshot, deal x1.5 more damage. When you proc Charged Primary, deal 250% Hero Damage as physical damage. When you want burst, run up and cast Stickynades. If it crits, thing is more than likely going to die if it's not a boss. For magic, throw Oil Flask and Piercing Arrow down a lane or perpendicular through multiple lanes. In other words find an Apprentice friend to reliably cover phys res lane for you.
  13. It's all luck baby. Go to wherever drops the highest iPWR items you can find, and pray a 4x10 drops. A 4x10 with just CHD might be good until you can find a 4x10 with elemental. Aim for Hero Critical Hit and Flameageddon on the modifiers. If earth, then Impact too.
  14. A 4x10 would double your DPS. An elemental weapon would double it again, seeing as that bow doesn't have CHD to lose out on the swap. The more CH you have, the less your DPS will fluctuate. Elemental damage doubling your DPS applies to neutral lane, flying units, boss units, and the training dummy. It allows you to do roughly 62.5% of your calculatable damage on BOTH the magic and physical lanes as well.
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