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  1. As posted in the title, everything I've gotten from the 2 prime incursions I've ran has no mods on it, I saw in the update they talked about 'curated' mods but nothing stating the normal weapons and armor would be completely without mods, was this a bug or a feature?
  2. So I'm not sure if this is being worked on yet or not since someone is spamming the forums with threads preventing me from searching, but this post was about how the 5 colored bars on all the mods doesn't really compare with the scaling of the mod itself. Meaning... When you hold down ALT on an item it will show the range of the more ( 40%-70% for instance ) and with each colored bar it has, based on when it dropped, it places the number somewhere between that range. But at the moment ranks 1-4 would all end up rolling between 40 and 45%-ish, not until it reaches rank 5 does it spike up to th
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