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  1. My friend and I need someone to help us out on our NM runs. if you're interested let me know.
  2. Yes please. These ideas are all fantastic and are a good foundation for ideas down the road.
  3. There already is an ATK stat that states how much damage per hit the tower does. DPS should be over time which should include crits. So I guess the Devs need to work on it. The thing is though even with 30% crit chance your towers have a possibility to NEVER crit. Cause it's all chance. So if there's a chance it never crits then it isn't DPS since theres no supplemental damage. I agree with you that there should be a more clarified number of how much damage your towers do when they crit.
  4. If this game has cross platform play...I'd lose my ***. My brother has a PS4 and has played DD2 on my PC. He is rather excited for when it the beta drops.
  5. DPS on your towers display the constant damage that they will deal. Since crit chance and crit damage are situational they aren't calculated into the DPS.
  6. Yes they do. I learned this the hard way. I certainly hope it gets fixed soon. For now I'm just using my gems.
  7. 1. Are there any upcoming changes to the Apprentice? If so what are they? Lightning: Any upcoming changes for the Apprentice?
  8. Yes plz. Great suggestion. +rep if I could.
  9. I noticed my DPS slightly increase when I got Fight Me Not. I didn't actually test the sphere itself but it just seemed like the waves were dying faster.
  10. So after doing a little testing my friend and I figured out that dealing damage to the enemy and THEN activating the fire cart makes the cart do damage. So the cart only does damage to enemies that have received damage from your Hero. This damage can come from basic attacks or abilities. Additional Notes: This was only tested on Squire and Huntress so not 100% confirmed on all classes. Also the fire cart can sometimes do DoT damage, but seems very random. Also dragons seem to take damage from fire cart as if it were working properly.
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