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  1. This looks similar to the interface from the dev stream where they were talking about maps having a daily bonus. Trendy is clearly playing favourites and giving some people early access to content
  2. Hi everyone, I was just wanting to ask a question about the apprentice uber which modifies tornado into the 2-target nuke. Does this still damage enemies that are grounded and can't be thrown up into the air? And does it work on ogres and other special mobs? Thanks!
  3. Animated castle. Avatar (bending) or avatar (blue people)?
  4. Mhmm, I submitted mine ages ago but I haven't received any news either :\ Has anyone here had Trendy hatch their egg for them? :O
  5. No. You don't do the traditional refund. Email steam support and tell them that you're going to re-purchase the game to take advantage of the sale price. ezpz.
  6. I found a legendary weapon at around level 15 on my apprentice, as well as a legendary trinket in one of the shops.
  7. I don't know how to English, and I don't know how to edit my post. :(
  8. I found the rarest item of all. Unluckily I'm unable to take an in-game screenshot due to technical issues of it so I just drew it in paint. :'(
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