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  1. I can guarantee that it is NOT a visual bug on the Hearty Blockade passive swapping from a 3% to a 0.63% dropped Blockade HP by 7k. Odds are, the rest are quite possibly actually glitched as well. Additional Note: Passives are INCORRECT based upon quality. My epic gloves give 3% Hearty Blockade at 240 IPW and my Legendary Gloves also give 3%. I agree too, i lost almost 60k hp on my barricades post patch :p (100k to 44k hp)
  2. C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Movies\Intro_NUE.bik
  3. I never goes on nm4 but when i see monster with 100k+ hp (just basic kobolds) lvl 553 on the throne room when i'm alone, i think we can say this mode is amazingly crazy hahaha. I hope veteran gonna enjoy it :pp
  4. No i think not because my item was equipped :p and i don't reward too
  5. Same here i get no accessories and i have one ipwr 250 on my huntress :p
  6. Is there a bug to drop a lot of weapon/relic than armor pieces ? Earthshatter tower is pretty useless before this hotfix and now when we upgrade her it's even more useless haha, that mean u have a plan for new passives on this tower ? :p
  7. I don't know if it's still a bug or not but why is there so much weapon/relic instead of armor pieces (epic+) ? i mean: 2 bags of weapon/relic for nearly 1/2 of armor, if there isn't a problem here i'm just really unlucky
  8. Finally i found someone who agree with me about this ***ty earthshatter tower. Just look at his dps, it's nearly the same as a flameburst tower with a slower attack and it cost 10 mana more than flameburst ! And with a good gear you can even have a greater dps for 40 mana (at my lvl 11% dmg for flameburst with an item) When i see people using it on multiplayer i just want to slap them :p, we will see later if they up earthshatter with better stats :p
  9. Ok and you know if you have the same stat if they stack together please ?
  10. ´╗┐´╗┐Hello, Sorry if my title isn't accurate but i take 2 screenshot to show you what i'm talking about. i can't choose which Defense power i want to change, that's pretty embarassing i want to change it with defense health :p
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