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  1. Really? Does it even prevent ogre healing from Trollsblood? The madwick pet active seems to do this. But its really tricky to get it to work.
  2. Curious if this will make harpoons viable
  3. Pretty sure shields can only roll magic rez and phisical rez. I may be wrong tho. You are 100% correct. The only defensive stat your shield can get is defense crit chance. Everything else is hero based. So this guy is going to be looking for a long long time. :) Well at least I can stop looking :-) So can a sword roll DH?
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I have been farming NM2&3 for about a week. Not once have I seen a sword with DH or a shield with DH or DP. I beginning to think they do not exist.....
  5. No cannonballs, no flamethrowers, no. We do use frost towers with stacked range+speed reduction. We do not have any physical damage, and cannonball towers, while good, we just opt to load down magic resist lanes with 7 well placed traps, and they are very effective in combination with the slow. Tazer suit for squires is just absolutely sickening and helps so much. The middle lane was a mix, so we used a mix of 3 LSA, 1 blaze balloons, 4 explosive, and 2 geysers + serenity/slow. Sometimes things will get to the wall, especially on speedy trait, but with the extra range Aesthetic has built on his monk, we are able to mostly not worry too much about if one or two stragglers get through. Thanks for all the info! I just took my first stab at NM3 last night, my group was just farming first boss.
  6. So it seems like you are only using traps and auras for damage in the lanes. Is this common for NM? No cannonball or flamethrower towers?
  7. I agree here, there is a distinct lack of "epic" feeling to my character It feels like a constant struggle
  8. This please. Hot Keys to switch would be amazing.
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