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  1. Back when i played DD1, it was pretty new and the only expansion maps i can remember were the desert and the underwater map with the sharks/squid. So that is the personal DD1 experience that i had, where farming survival to wave 15 for a chance at 200 upgrade level giraffes and farming challenge mode for that 200 upgrade blasticus was the thing to do. I thoroughly enjoyed that and i probably would have kept playing for a while if i hadn't spent 3 years underwater while i was in the military. I feel DD1 would benefit from going back to its roots. Aw, so you farmed 40 times for a perfect *** Unicorn pet? You kept farming Blasticus after all the new maps? You farmed halloween weapons 40+ times and got one that had the same DPS as later maps? You kept farming giraffes too I assume then.
  2. You obviously never played DD1. One and done? I did each challenged 40+ times to get the perfect weapon/piece of gear etc.
  3. Yeah, progressing feels more like a chore than an adventure now. Do i want to do this map in a frantic state of rage trying to build 10 unique towers in a 30 second build phase? Definitely not, but my progress will be halted if i don't.
  4. That's not what you said in your original post, so you can forgive my correction. The fact that some people want more medal sinks (hardcore players who have run out of things to spend them on) is neither surprising nor foolish (though it may not be useful for the players as a whole, having something for the hardcore players to work towards is vital in a gaming community I think). Insulting me by saying that I must have "mindlessly farmed ascension levels for no particular reason" is quite uncalled for as well. The fact that some people choose to farm ascension levels is their choice, and there's no reason to criticize it. People can spend their time how they want. I haven't even reached ascension level 300 (so I don't even have max damage on a single tower, which I think is worth farming ascension for given the promise of end game by the end of the year). I have played since May on and off, though keeping up with the daily quests because I knew I would like the game and I didn't want to burn out before they added new content, and this way I am able to afford the heroes. It only takes about a little over 3 weeks to farm a new hero if you reroll every day your worst daily quest. To me that is a very reasonable amount of time to save stuff for. And I also have a lot of unupgraded gear by the way. Since you don't need to upgrade it to farm C7 or any of the current game modes, it's been last on my priority list. You misunderstand me. I am not criticizing you or anyone else for doing so but because i didn't stick around to farm those ascension levels and accumulate 12,000 defender medals in storage, doesn't mean that nobody else needs defender medals because you have a surplus. It seems that we just have two different play styles. I play a game and "beat it" in my mind when i have completed the tasks that i set out to complete. You enjoy logging in every day or two to do dailies and casually play over the course of several months. Neither one of us is wrong, but just because you grind out dailies and have been doing so for months doesn't mean that people like me and casual players don't need defender medals. We need a different time sink in this game and its not a currency. Nobody wants to JUST farm a currency, there has to be another objective.
  5. Upgrading shards, not gear. Going from using 4-5 heroes to having to use 8 or 9 because of these affixes requiring unique defenses. Who said there weren't enough medal sinks in this game? That is asinine. You must be one of the few people that has continuously played this since launch and mindlessly farmed ascension levels for no particular reason. I beat the content and put it down until new content arrived. Just picked it back up again last Monday to beat Mastery 1. But yes, the rewards are completely lacking. The only thing that is making me do mastery is that i want to give this game every chance i can to be good again. I am completely banking on the fact that this is just "the tip of the iceberg" as far as new content goes. If they can bring DD2 to 50% of what DD1 was in its prime, i would be happy. Wait, C7 actually rewards 35 medals rather than 25? I hadn't notice that. I haven't farmed C7 in over a month, i may be off on the number.
  6. Can't say it too often! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I always thought i as alone in wanting RNG to be in an RPG game that is supposed to be about RNG, not a hand-holding gear-apalooza. As you said, nothing better than getting that 200+ upgrade weapon that you have been working for and finally getting to try it out in a public game. That was one of the many driving factors of the social game that DD2 lacks.
  7. Do you have 1000s of extra defender medals floating around? How is a one time reward of 2000 defender medals taking away something to work towards? That is 1/5th of a hero, about 1/4 of a rare pet or several upgraded pieces of gear/shards. There is already plenty of things to work towards with defender medals, i have NEVER once carried a balance of defender medals. I've never even been able to save enough to buy a new hero, as it goes towards upgrades and shards for all the new heroes i have been leveling up. Something that we need to work towards is the hyper shards. Once we get them, it shouldn't take a week to acquire enough defender medals to actually be able to use the hyper shard. Things that we should be working towards are new, higher level gear with perfect stats (maybe even new gear as mastery rewards that drops with a fifth stat, ie: range, fire damage, % chance to stun etc, pets with useful stats and the list goes on. We don't need anymore useless things to work towards. I don't get that rush of farming 3/4 of an ascension level and 35 defender medals from afking a chaos 7, we need something real to work towards and its not currently in the game.
  8. So I did all of Mastery one in a day, 5 starred every map solo besides the one with no air defense/no towers on a map with three separate air lines. I needed a few peoples help with that one. After all of that work, i got the HYPER SHARD. The shard to end all shards....as we were told. Low and behold, its just double a regular shard that costs 10x more resources than a regular shard. Just another thing to coax people to buy heroes with money/gems instead of earning the defenders medals and obtaining them that way. Mastery requires you to have practically every hero in order to be successful and gives very few rewards. I have had to spend every defender medal i have on leveling up duplicate sets of gear, duplicate shards and everything in between in order to beat the 5 or 6 maps that require 10 or more unique defenses and the have no duplicate towers challenge. After doing all that, i disappointingly find out that the "hyper" shard gives a mere 4%-ish increase in DPS from a different shard i had in my flame aura. If defense power increased the effects of other shards, such as power transfer, this may be worth it. IE: 20,000 defense power medallion with 70% defense power = 34,000 dp. Power transfer shard then takes 60% of that 34,000 dp to make it give 20,400 crit damage. Same thing could/should apply to defense health shards and vampiric empowerment shards. The second hyper shard has its uses, but it shouldn't cost 1760 more defender medals for only double the effects. Any-hoo, i digress. Last night, i 5 starred 12 maps so far in M2, but the ones i haven't done are because i dread doing them. Any map that requires towers because there is cyborks and has the affix of "no defenses destroyed" along with "build no more than one of each defense" is cancer. Each of these maps are proving to be a chore, rather than a fun challenge. Then there is the most annoying thing in the world - complete combat phase in under 180 seconds. Wave 5 of two separate mastery 2 maps i am killing the last string of two-three bosses (within 10 seconds of them coming out) and then there is a bugged enemy that never out of his lane and i lose. I don't know about you guys, but that makes me just put the game down. I don't have to will to replay a map like that after losing to such utter non-sense. Gripe #2. Wave 4 or 5 and i forget that i can't repair a defense and mistakenly do so, forfeiting 20 minutes of my life with no gain. Mastery is a sufficient time killer until the real end game comes out, but a lot of these maps are just torturous. Don't get me wrong, i love a challenge. What i don't love is losing to complete garbage after playing the map perfectly. More challenge and less shenanigans would make mastery a lot more fun. I also feel that this is 100% geared towards team play, rather than solo play. 30 second build phase on larger maps or god forbid, with the "only use each tower once" affix would only be achievable through team play and be a major pain. TL;DR, - Make it cost 500 defender medals to fully max out a hyper shard. - Make meaningful rewards, ie: 1 million gold, 2000 defender medals, maxed out best in slot gear based off of your characters true hidden ipwr, that way people that are C2 geared doing mastery 1 don't get C7 quality gear but C7 geared players can still get usable loot. - Don't randomize the affixes (seems like a few of them may be). Think, should 30 second build phase go with no barricades, towers only and don't build more than one of each tower? Also, be mindful that each chaos tier has their own affixes that already negate/counter defenses. Throwing "no towers" into C2 with monsters that directly counter everything else isn't cool. Its manageable for the first two mastery tiers, but what about C3? Just thinking ahead to C3 with "towers only", "no barricades", "no node defenses", "no aura's" etc. If people hate C3 now, just wait til they do it again without auras and nodes. With that being said, my favorite part about mastery so far has been the "no barricades" affix in M2. That is the one affix that has actually made me alter my game play in a unique and challenging way. Used Squire cannons with defense health, shield and the 20% chance for the rolling stunning cannon ball for walls on a squire that i maxed cannon defense health and speed. That was the one map where i played four or five times and actually enjoyed figuring out. That's how all of mastery should feel, not the constant stress of "i wonder if a mobs going to get stuck in spawn/ an orc gets bubbled over my defenses and hits my crystal once/ whoops, i repaired my defense and forget that i couldn't do that." TL;SDR, Make challenges that are re-playable with rewards that are worth it. Make the next uber mega hyper game mode that comes out actually require the use of these hyper shards to complete. You want a game mode that takes four extremely skilled people to complete. Make the game mode for 10% of the player base that completes your content the week it comes out, not the once a week family players that log an hour every Tuesday after meatloaf. Half of the fun of RPG's, in my opinion, was clearing all the high end content and going with my lower level/lower geared buddies to help them complete raids. If we can beat it in a day, you didn't do it right. I know this probably comes off as a hate thread, but i love you guys and appreciate all that you do. I just want it to be the best game it can be and this is the path to that game (in my opinion).
  9. What Fozzie said. Very sad to be on wave 5 about to get a 5 star clear and i accidentally repair my barricade out of genuine habit. Could have easily 5 starred it, but ended up with 3 stars having to replay it again. I'm sure i'm not alone with these silly little mistakes that we shouldn't be allowed to lose for. Some solid suggestions, we'll see what we can get done :).
  10. Trading isn't going to bring anything to this game, as there is literally nothing worthy to trade.
  11. Trendy essentially took Diablo 3's paragon levels without giving DD2 hard to farm loot and end game content on release. Ascension levels are not end game, its something you accrue over time as you play the game. If you are just trying to farm ascension levels, you are doing it wrong. Once the new game mode and survival come out and we go back to casually gaining ascension levels as we progress to other things, ascension levels will be what they were supposed to be. Also, the best medallion, according to what i currently possess and assume to be the max ranges, are 23,000 defense power and 9600-9700 second stats. I have one at about 29,500 with two 9600s and one 9500 in defense heatlh, so i presume that it goes to 23,000 and 9700 but cannot confirm anything higher than that, as that is what i currently have. So that reiterates my point of ascension levels being something to show off to other people to say, "look how many rounds of DD2 i have played". It's not so much about substantial extra power or usefulness, as people have said, you get crit chance, defense speed and hero damage in the first 60 ascension points, then you max out damage/crit damage/hero damage until those are maxed out, of course adding in additional resources, hero crit chance, hero speed and all that for your dps hero. So, yeah, don't worry so much about ascension levels and be kind to your fellow defenders that don't pointlessly farm ascension levels. When the new content comes out, its going to require nothing more than 100 ascension levels to compete. If you are one of those people putting a minimum ascension level of 200+ on any game right now or when the new content drops, you should re-evaluate your DD2 life choices.
  12. I hope host's are the only ones with the ability to kick with the next patch, as that's how it should be. People who host a game generally have the intent to play it through and police their game. Using the majority is never a good way to decide kicking, as people typically vote kick whenever somebody starts a vote (unless there are two friends in the game).
  13. Oh good, didn't realize it did that. That's good to know, i guess its just different people kicking me who don't know that that happens.
  14. Public games are cancer 8/10 times, so people only flock to public games out of sheer boredom or necessity (inability to clear by themselves). After i do my dailies and want to kill an hour of time, i will occasionally run a few public games to help people that are gearing in various chaos tiers. Then, i immediately realize why i stopped playing public games in the first place, ie: people never readying up, people readying up immediately and not giving me mana to build, people kicking me out of my own game because they want their friend in their to leech off of my towers etc.
  15. You shouldn't bring things down to increase use of other towers. Towers that aren't used should be brought up to par with towers that are currently used. Flame aura isn't overpowered, its just the easiest build to use. You can beat C7 relatively easily with LSA's, sky guard towers, proton beams and cannonball towers.
  16. Lady orcs require you to fully barricade a lane, not just place 1 in the middle and call it done.
  17. This would definitely be a good start. I think capping anything, aside from crit chance, is a big mistake. There shouldn't be a speed cap, there should just be diminishing returns that make it so any speed beyond X% is drastically reduced, make it more beneficial to you to focus on other states. A maxed orb with 23,000 speed should put you at the speed soft cap (point of diminishing return). That way, if you want to put a defense rate shard on a tower equipped with a maxed out orb, you will get a strong increase in defense speed, but it won't exactly amount to 33%, it would be somewhere closer to 15-20% after the DR. I understand that Trendy doesn't want cannonball towers shooting 15 shots per second and such craziness that we saw in DD1, but there is middle ground between absurd and a really easy to breach hard-cap on stats.
  18. Dungeon Defenders end game is grinding up the best gear, best pets, 170 upgrade maxed out everything with the perfect weapon, min-maxxing your gear and relics for maximum hero and tower DPS and taking on bosses/maps/difficulties that can only be beaten by people who have down these things and done them well. That is the only end game acceptable for Dungeon Defenders, as that is the nature of this game. Grinding countless waves of survival, difficult maps on the highest difficulty with three like minded people and getting lucky occasionally are the beginning of end-game, beating those final maps/bosses/challenges are the end.
  19. Trendy already has Onslaught created and they have indicated that this new game mode is something completely different.
  20. Same boat i was in. I stopped once i beat C7 once but have recently come back to max a few DPS heroes and max all my builders gear while farming medals/dailies. My advice would be to do those things and then wait patiently. I was skeptical at first of the direction this game was heading, but the Dev's have turned me around and i now believe the end-game is going to make the C1-7 grind worth it and do justice to DD1. What made the game more interesting for my was testing out all of the different DPS heroes. Different towers and builds is cool for a bit, but playing as a new DPS makes it feel like a different game altogether. Give that a try and wait for onslaught and the new mystery end-game that is hopefully coming soon.
  21. That is actually my favorite part about EV2 - the mobility. My huntress can take down rollers but if the spawn with waves of enemies, it can be a pain. With EV2, if i don't one shot the roller, i use death from above and hover behind it to finish it off with a few seconds of left click dps.
  22. Gunwitch is probably my next dps project once i deck out my EV2 fully, thanks for the input!
  23. This does work, as i use two separate walls with health and power pylon and i get the 30% additional damage. However, not sure if its a bug, but proton beams benefit a smaller amount, not the full 30%. I am guessing that's because it can stretch from your walls all the way to the spawn and that type of damage buff would be overpowered? Or is that a bug? iamisom Lawlta I'm getting roughly 18% gain on all the defenses I tested. Proton is the same as the others. Also the shard was nerfed down to 20%, so it's pretty close. Don't get why its not actually 20% gain though. Ohhh, it was nerfed, that explains it. I thought i was crazy, haven't checked it in a little while. Thanks for the heads up!
  24. I'm just curious where i stand with my current min-maxing and want to know if there is better dps out there. Single target with no pet abilities. Post your ascension level, hero and left click dps/ability power dps 230 ascension level Huntress - 6.5 mil dps with concussive grenades/left click About 1.5 mil pure left click damage. EV2 - 3.3 mil left click 30 mil burst dps with 18 mine detonations/death from above, 2.7 mil sustained dps from laser.
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