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  1. Back when i played DD1, it was pretty new and the only expansion maps i can remember were the desert and the underwater map with the sharks/squid. So that is the personal DD1 experience that i had, where farming survival to wave 15 for a chance at 200 upgrade level giraffes and farming challenge mode for that 200 upgrade blasticus was the thing to do. I thoroughly enjoyed that and i probably would have kept playing for a while if i hadn't spent 3 years underwater while i was in the military. I feel DD1 would benefit from going back to its roots. Aw, so you farmed 40 times for a perfect **
  2. You obviously never played DD1. One and done? I did each challenged 40+ times to get the perfect weapon/piece of gear etc.
  3. Yeah, progressing feels more like a chore than an adventure now. Do i want to do this map in a frantic state of rage trying to build 10 unique towers in a 30 second build phase? Definitely not, but my progress will be halted if i don't.
  4. That's not what you said in your original post, so you can forgive my correction. The fact that some people want more medal sinks (hardcore players who have run out of things to spend them on) is neither surprising nor foolish (though it may not be useful for the players as a whole, having something for the hardcore players to work towards is vital in a gaming community I think). Insulting me by saying that I must have "mindlessly farmed ascension levels for no particular reason" is quite uncalled for as well. The fact that some people choose to farm ascension levels is their choice, and t
  5. Upgrading shards, not gear. Going from using 4-5 heroes to having to use 8 or 9 because of these affixes requiring unique defenses. Who said there weren't enough medal sinks in this game? That is asinine. You must be one of the few people that has continuously played this since launch and mindlessly farmed ascension levels for no particular reason. I beat the content and put it down until new content arrived. Just picked it back up again last Monday to beat Mastery 1. But yes, the rewards are completely lacking. The only thing that is making me do mastery is that i want to give this game ever
  6. Can't say it too often! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I always thought i as alone in wanting RNG to be in an RPG game that is supposed to be about RNG, not a hand-holding gear-apalooza. As you said, nothing better than getting that 200+ upgrade weapon that you have been working for and finally getting to try it out in a public game. That was one of the many driving factors of the social game that DD2 lacks.
  7. Do you have 1000s of extra defender medals floating around? How is a one time reward of 2000 defender medals taking away something to work towards? That is 1/5th of a hero, about 1/4 of a rare pet or several upgraded pieces of gear/shards. There is already plenty of things to work towards with defender medals, i have NEVER once carried a balance of defender medals. I've never even been able to save enough to buy a new hero, as it goes towards upgrades and shards for all the new heroes i have been leveling up. Something that we need to work towards is the hyper shards. Once we get them, it sh
  8. So I did all of Mastery one in a day, 5 starred every map solo besides the one with no air defense/no towers on a map with three separate air lines. I needed a few peoples help with that one. After all of that work, i got the HYPER SHARD. The shard to end all shards....as we were told. Low and behold, its just double a regular shard that costs 10x more resources than a regular shard. Just another thing to coax people to buy heroes with money/gems instead of earning the defenders medals and obtaining them that way. Mastery requires you to have practically every hero in order to be successful an
  9. What Fozzie said. Very sad to be on wave 5 about to get a 5 star clear and i accidentally repair my barricade out of genuine habit. Could have easily 5 starred it, but ended up with 3 stars having to replay it again. I'm sure i'm not alone with these silly little mistakes that we shouldn't be allowed to lose for. Some solid suggestions, we'll see what we can get done :).
  10. Trading isn't going to bring anything to this game, as there is literally nothing worthy to trade.
  11. Trendy essentially took Diablo 3's paragon levels without giving DD2 hard to farm loot and end game content on release. Ascension levels are not end game, its something you accrue over time as you play the game. If you are just trying to farm ascension levels, you are doing it wrong. Once the new game mode and survival come out and we go back to casually gaining ascension levels as we progress to other things, ascension levels will be what they were supposed to be. Also, the best medallion, according to what i currently possess and assume to be the max ranges, are 23,000 defense power and 96
  12. I hope host's are the only ones with the ability to kick with the next patch, as that's how it should be. People who host a game generally have the intent to play it through and police their game. Using the majority is never a good way to decide kicking, as people typically vote kick whenever somebody starts a vote (unless there are two friends in the game).
  13. Oh good, didn't realize it did that. That's good to know, i guess its just different people kicking me who don't know that that happens.
  14. Public games are cancer 8/10 times, so people only flock to public games out of sheer boredom or necessity (inability to clear by themselves). After i do my dailies and want to kill an hour of time, i will occasionally run a few public games to help people that are gearing in various chaos tiers. Then, i immediately realize why i stopped playing public games in the first place, ie: people never readying up, people readying up immediately and not giving me mana to build, people kicking me out of my own game because they want their friend in their to leech off of my towers etc.
  15. You shouldn't bring things down to increase use of other towers. Towers that aren't used should be brought up to par with towers that are currently used. Flame aura isn't overpowered, its just the easiest build to use. You can beat C7 relatively easily with LSA's, sky guard towers, proton beams and cannonball towers.
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