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  1. Can you change the squire walls to not disappear after exploding so they can be a viable alternative to squire walls?
  2. listen to sweet, this is about a good a fix as you can get right now, till they figure out exactly why/how they are body surfing. I have noticed if you do a push/knockback to the ogre at the barricade, it tends to make them want to do it more
  3. if the app wall didn't disappear temporarily, it would be viable
  4. you can play with 3 builders and 1 dps and be effective. would i like 4 builders and the option of dps for each class, yes
  5. when i used to tank her, i stood in between the stumps at the center
  6. When i have seen this error, i logout of steam, then relog to steam and it usually connects
  7. trendy has stated many times that wipes can occur, but they will do their best to not wipe again. stop playing pre alpha if getting data wiped is not something you can deal with
  8. Question: Can you give us an option when selecting a defense (like lightning strikes aura) to select whether we want lightning strikes aura or lightning aura? Instead of having to remove the uber just to place regular
  9. hero dmg / ability power i would go, but it also depends on if you want to dps solo or with a team. Then you could focus on one or the other
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