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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n8UuSeKi6pynk80HijuNqRSvdV4PzxO8TTj9Z9Gk_ls/edit[[668,hashtags]]=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j3DyATv4qldHsR0nZYeXqy37mry4dRd6MvmlgXYEPgE/edit[[668,hashtags]]=2005606995 I honestly don't understand these. D: Like anything of them, at all. Can anyone explain to me how these work? ; -; I'm more interested on the Apprentice, btw.
  2. Something similar happened to me, but it was with my monk outfits. Bought them, game froze after, i restart it and my currency was taken away from me but i didnt have the two monk outfits i bought. I submitted a ticket, i got no response so far.
  3. Can you ***ing get your bull*** together already, Trendy? Im getting pissed. First i bought two Monk costumes that were never given to me. And even though i submitted a ticket, i got no response. Now after the latest hotfix it says my game version is obsolete or not available when i launch the game and press play in the menu. Can you people do any ***ing *** right? Sorry im swearing, but im getting tired of this crap.
  4. its working for me now, what about you guys
  5. Not everyone's first language is English, a lot of people on here use Google Translate, and they post whatever Google spits out, so to criticize someone based on that is quite a ... rude... thing to do. Not to mention your post has many grammar problems. Everyone does it. Just don't be the A55 H4T that says something about it. There, made it easier for you, and BTW, english is not my native language either. Then you shouldn't be criticizing someone else's grammar if you know yours isn't as good either. So, if 'you're aware that you're not one to speak for that', don't point it out.
  6. Its happening to me too, ican't play at all because it doesnt load past there! It just keeps saying its loading...
  7. ; x; awesome ...Unless you want the pixiebell or catocopter, which are only available in their gold variants. I guess ill go for that!
  8. Yes. The best choice right now is pet. After every round you get an egg that sells for 2000 gold after it rots, and after around 15(ish) waves you get a golden egg. What are golden eggs for? Crap... I KNOW I WONT < A> Not fair though, ugh. Ugh o xo I did normal... was my first time
  9. Dont even bother to try it, i just finished a run.. i got nothing but gold out of currency... i quit on round 18.. < n> So i am better off picking other rewards?
  10. You know the currency you can also get from Quests? How can you get it in Onslaught?
  11. I spent my currency in two monk outfits. The ninja one and the one next to it. The game crashed, never got my outfits but my currency was wasted. I submitted my ticket long time ago, NOTHING YET. Where the *** are my outfits?
  12. That would also be nice!
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