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  1. Actually agree with this completely. I have 2 stacks of 9 tokens (for both empower and stats), not to mention the bug where it keeps moving to the top of my first bag from the bag I want all my pet stuff in. Seems like if there was just a 'pet reroll token' that stacked to 50, life would be much simpler :).
  2. Great, thanks for the advice! I will pop back into freeplay to level my alts.
  3. I was just farming End Game Liferoot Hard on my level 50 squire, and decided to bring in my level 27 Monk for some experience. After controlling my Monk from waves 4-9 until the victory chest, I received zero experience. Is this a bug, or is XP gated so that I cannot bring in such a low level character? Any help would be great!
  4. I have multiple stacks of pet stat/pet empower reroll items at this point, but have yet to find a reroll token for pet ability. Are they just a rarer item (would make sense), or do I need to be playing a specific difficulty/map to get them? Any help would be great!
  5. Quibly, the bomb lobbing goblin boss, has a range bug. He essentially walks up and starts attacking the first defense he can, and his bombs fall short of his target, falling through the ground and doing no damage. This is only when he is given leave to walk up and start attacking defenses unimpeded. If he is body blocked hard by enemies, pushed by auto attacks, or provoke dragged, he attacks as normal. Given his fast run speed and the fact that he always seems to spawn right at the start of a round, these things rarely happen and he's the first to get to my defenses, so I see this bug with him probably 4/5 times that he spawns. As nice as it is to get free loot off a boss that is doing no damage most of the time, it should probably be looked at. His bombs are JUST shy of hitting, so I think just adding a small amount of range to his projectiles would probably fix the problem.
  6. In the tentative patch notes, they are scaling down magic/physical resist in lanes by a lot. Worth keeping in mind.
  7. I hit this exact same thing as well. The problem is that your excitement at beating liferoot on fp normal is going to be squelched after a few hours. You get the map down, nothing is an upgrade anymore, and you can't beat the next map. I stayed on liferoot fp normal for more hours/runs than I want to count. It feels great to get there, but right after you get stuck there. Get into a public group for the first map on fp hard the moment your iPwr is high enough.
  8. It's already rare by its nature of it being an event. The only people to have it will be the people playing during that time period. A way to say 'Hey, look at this. I was playing when..' Plenty of games have similar events, but they're almost never RNG due to this very reason. It upsets your player base when it's meant to be a way to keep them interested. RNG as a whole is fine, people don't mind grinding for gear and so on. But adding it to a time limited event? A lot of people have work or other obligations to take care of, and can't afford to spend eight hours a day grinding for something like that. You make a fair point, and I didn't stop to think that my schedule would normally be too busy for the time I put into this event, and got lucky that I had the weekend off for once. I do think there's a happy middle ground between our arguments though. To me, "I logged in this one weekend" is a bit removed from "i logged in this weekend and busted my butt to get it." I still think the drop rates shouldn't be guaranteed on events like this, but maybe the drop rate just increased a bit to compromise here.
  9. There are tower specific ubers apart from these, just not on this list from the patch notes. Couldn't find a full list and not in the game at the moment.
  10. I think the disconnect most people have when discussing drop rates and RNG is this: it's an event dropping a rare pet, so not everyone is going to get it. Lots of discussion about drop rates (Madwick specific, but can be used out of that context as well) is predicated on the idea that everyone should get one, which is kind of counter to something being 'rare'. If it was inevitable that everyone would get it, why even implement it/make it an event?
  11. This points to a bigger discussion about RNG in the game at all. This is just my opinion, but RNG makes it so when something you want actually drops, it's really exciting and a big motivator to play. When I know that I will just get the thing in 10 runs (or w/e it would be), I will just block off time to do that many runs, and it becomes less of a rare/fun/one time event where I hope to get lucky, and just one of those things everyone gets that becomes meaningless by virtue of it being guaranteed. For what it's worth, I spent 7 hours on Little Horn Valley to get mine, and when It finally dropped, I was totally ecstatic. It felt like an achievement. If it was guaranteed in say that same 7 hours, it would just be doing it to do it. Maybe it's a playstyle difference, but when things to be acquired in a game are just a guaranteed inevitability, the game becomes less exciting to play.
  12. I think there are just too many threads going about item power right now. Without meaning to sound blunt and sarcastic, you shouldn't need a thumbs up or thumbs down to tell you which piece of gear is better. Read the stats and take the piece that is better for your build. If this means increasing your overall item power more slowly (thus taking longer to get into higher level maps in group play), then that's a matter of patience/impatience more than anything. It's easy to blow through the campaign without blinking and then hitting a wall, becoming frustrated at the drop in leveling/gearing speed that you just became accustomed to for 20 levels. The game slowing down the farther you go isn't atypical in gaming, and often the norm. All of that said, they addressed progression on the Friday stream, saying they need to go back and look at XP/iPwr numbers for free play and beyond. The main focus of the patch was campaign, and now that campaign is where they want it to be, they can look at free play + numbers. It's easy/convenient to hide behind a "it's pre-alpha guys" line, but everything considered, a little more patience on the side of the playerbase as the devs push content could go a long way. We get so used to logging in to play the same game day in and day out as gamers, but we can do this in live games because they went live and made it out of alpha/beta for a reason. This game isn't a polished final version, and still in its infancy to a degree. When there are roadblocks and speedbumps with your experience, just hop to a different game for a while, keep an eye on hotfixes, and come back when things improve if it's that bad for you. They are pushing hotfixes like crazy right now too, so keep the faith!
  13. I have to agree here with almost all points made. The devstreams are a good source of information, but it's only once a week, and we've been getting hotfixes like mad since the patch got released, so some more frequent progress updates would be great. One of (if not the biggest) gripe right now among the playerbase is the gap between campaign and end game. I am in this boat, and burnt out from farming content after campaign and feeling like no progression is taking place. The devs said on Friday's stream that the focus of the patch was campaign, and free play + were basically eyeballed and not as thoroughly tested. This is a little frustrating, but in terms of hitting deadlines and pushing content, I totally get it. If the streams once a week were really focused, and got into the weeds of the top issues being reported, I would literally calendar off time to watch them live. As it is today, to give one example, lightning aura problems were almost jokingly dismissed on the stream, almost as a "oh yeah I can probably just go fix that" whim. As one of the biggest balance issues since the patch came out, that was a little disheartening to hear addressed in such a way. Again, just one example to show my point. All in all, I think the intent for the patch was good, and the hard work that went into the campaign was done very well. A good chunk of the playerbase is now past campaign, however, and the devs have got a tough week or two ahead, taking a look at progression from an XP and iPwr perspective. I remain hopeful.
  14. You've got all of free play (easy/normal/hard) between the campaign and end game.
  15. I've seen people in taverns with the pet, so have to assume it's working. Haven't gotten myself though.
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