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  1. This is amazing news I am so excited! Please keep showing us tons of love and content! Also when can we buy the DLC for cosmetics for PS4/PS5?
  2. Does it kick mid game or switching between maps? I haven't noticed any issues with being kicked mod game (now that I am on good internet) but we do have a habit of losing some people in our party between maps.
  3. I have been wondering this myself, very eager to throw money into the game! Was expecting to see it drop a few weeks after release, now hoping it will drop before or with release of episode 2?
  4. Really I don't but none the less glad to see a lot of us returning with DD:A on the horizon!
  5. I normally seperate my heros into two classes: Fighters Builders the fighters get named after related game chracters (for example my monk gets named Zhuzhen from Shadow Hearts on PS2 game I LOVE) where as my builders get named Builder1, Builder2, Builder2 etc
  6. I keep telling myself I need to boot up my PS3 and take a new run through this game! Even though the servers are down for PS3 I am sure I could still enjoy a good solo run(s)
  7. DD1 wasn't dull and you had access to all heroes, i think it's dull only having access to 4, imagine when there's about 20 heroes and you can only take 4. if they keep the limit at 4 i will not buy any more slots and will probably stop playing the game and DD1 was a cake walk because of that, as much as its great having access to all 4, I like the challenge and look forward to there being 20 and only having the choice of 4 - get to mix it up and try different strategies!
  8. A better first question may be are they even in the PS4 version yet? When patched release I don't recall reading anything about these (then again I could have missed it?)
  9. I have to disagree the limit is fine, if you like using all 4 wait until there are even more heroes to choose from - the point is to not have access to everything, try new builds or try moving around your heroes stats/equipment to find a good mix to your play style. It would be a very dull game and very pointless if you had access to ALL your heroes, keeping a limit also helps keep the challenge.
  10. AHH HA! Yes I 100% support that second screen option! that wouldbe amazing!
  11. They will most likely come together like they did with the most recent patch.
  12. Can't reallly say 100% but I don't see why we wouldn't get it at some point.
  13. Go to your friends section on PS4 top bar and scroll down to Communities from there you can select Discover communities - if you have some friends in a DD2 community you should be able to find some easily.
  14. Yeah was having this issue I can't wait for them to put in a option to set tavern to invite only - with that said am I the only one whos noticed the options menu in DD2 is very lacking compared to other games... (hint hint TE, get on that screen resizing etc, we know you are watching us!! :P)
  15. This whole topic is a perfect example at why I laugh at all my friends who have grinded on this - I'm sorry but you should save your dedication like that until the game is finished, enjoy it but don't go to hardcore or you will kill your enjoyment of the game before its even out.
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