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  1. He's a crazy hacker. No doubt about it. His items and stats were in the tens of thousands. I got kicked before I could take screenshots. He's playing the Christmas event right now. He has an App named Service, a monk and huntress named code i believe.
  2. Nope. Didn't buy the package. Still playing it by myself in my own private game.
  3. There's a player with the steam account named Clyde Frog. He has absurdly upgraded items and stats i don't know if they're possible so forgive my ignorance. Here are some screenies: http://imgur.com/JnpjM,rDasS,6Sly1,Auznr,BWhOf,fEBas Hit next to scroll through the pics.
  4. i didn't delete the total conversions. i deleted the autofire files/folder. that's what you said to do to uninstall.
  5. Is it too much to ask for an input box for the Charge stat? Would be nice to just type in '55' for example and have constant 99.9% charged shots for optimum DPS. Lazy but lovely. :3 Edit: After a load of hassle trying to install and configure - it wasn't as simple as you made it out to be - I gave up and 'simply deleted' it from the TotalConversions folder. Now my game won't start at all... again. Edit: Fixed now. Very frustrating. What'd you do to fix this? I have the same problem...Tried reinstalling and verifying and both didn't work. Edit: Found a possible fix. Went through the s
  6. I use an engineer to repair while i'm mowing down everything. But i do have the same problem on wave 13. I don't die, auras don't fail, i just run out of time. There seems to be a time where everything slows down on wave 13 and then picks back up. I don't know if it's intentional but it's what making me lose.
  7. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  8. Easy is also impossible. They move way too slow and don't spawn fast enough even with people camping the spawn points.
  9. There were a few people who i couldn't find on steam. TBIZZLE that's the link to my profile if you want to add me there and collect your manaz!
  10. They need to overhaul some Huntress weapons. For example, blunderbusses. Their special function is the same as a bonebow; they pierce one target. However, blunderbusses have about the same damage but three fewer maximum shots per second than bonebows. It's stupid. I thought bone bones have infinite pierce...
  11. To the responder who has aphonia: I found your response to be the most interesting i've received. It's actually opened up a whole new window for me to research into. I've taken sign language for 4 years now and i'd like to think i'm somewhat fluent. There've been long gaps between classes so i'm not as great as i'd like to be. I want to make a career out of sign language. I'd love to talk some more. I'd PM you but i don't think you posted here. Hope you see this and PM me back.
  12. I'm not trading mana for your survey responses. It's simply a gift for helping me out ;)
  13. Thanks for the help people. 100+ post views and only 10 or so responses? :(
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