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  1. I think tower item power was a good step forward, but this would make sorting through loot much faster, and get us back into the action.
  2. Been throwing this idea out there since early access, but we need the power to decide what an "Upgrade" is for our characters. Let us tick a spot next to stats we want, per character, and when loot drops the auto loot filter can decide what is an upgrade based on that. This also applies to the inventory loot filter. You don't even need to change the filter UI, it can still just say "Upgrades Only", it's just that now it uses our per character definition of an upgrade rather than just based on item level.
  3. My favorite play style in the first Dungeon Defenders had to be that of the summoner. It turned the game in to something of an RTS. The interface could have been a bit more streamlined for it and less clunky, but it was functional. However the one thing that always disappointed me is the amount of control I had on a minion. What I am suggesting is to able to take direct control of a minion ala Dungeon Keeper. Each minion could have their basic set of abilities bound to the left and right mouse button, and you could control them just like you would any other hero (though they would still mainta
  4. So whats the point of people fighting over who gets xp in whatnot within the open mode?
  5. I have a question for you, because the game has full mod support and is open to anything, does that make any leveling and stats useless in open mode? Because there will most likely be a mod to go past the normal level cap or level extremely fast or give you tons of mana. And is saving up for that one pet you really want going to be meaningless in the future because there will be a mod that adds an easy to obtain pet with maxed out stats? Or will the mods not be able to go this far? Is there a system in place to prevent this?
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