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  1. Took a small break from the game, came back with the 1.1 patch this weekend and (maybe I just missed it, somewhere) I seem to be missing the option to look at the performance of a tower, Like How many kills it had, damage taken, etc. I use this information to help refine my builds and try and fix areas of under performance. Have I just missed the option to turn these back on, or have they been fully removed?
  2. Archers from the Abyss Lord - They opened up a lot of new creative placements that made building more fun
  3. One Additional(or ability to purchase) bag slot per hero card purchased (potential monetization option) Or 1 more bag per new hero added at least.
  4. But the reflected DPS would be insufficient to kill them standing in the healing circle, eventually rendering the reflect beam moot. Yes and no, at the very least, it saves you from the 1-2 shot map wipe on wave 4 from it, will they die from it, no, but it gives you time to handle other stuff safely first.
  5. The only one I can think of immediately would be Ramparts Incursion, to stop ranged attackers who stand in healing circles from killing the door in 1-2 hits. (under the stair ways especially)
  6. (5) proton beam - first 2 nodes, 15 each, additional, 10 each (6) reflect beam - first 2, 30 each, additional, 20 each (7) buff beam - first 2, 30 each, additional, 30 each (8) weapons mfg.- base and 1st node: 60, additional, 30 each
  7. I would like to see extra bag slots for purchase(or free) after buying additional hero slots. There really isn't enough bags at this point. As you are unlikely to bring the TIB back, with loot filters that the current bags have (would be great though), can we please get more bag slots, even if it is tied to extra hero slots being purchased?
  8. 6 month bre , as in part of saying 6 month break gets filtered out. 5 month break, 7 month break | both work - is there a reason "6 month bre" is filtered? I noticed this with a few other common words, in the past and words like assasin, I know 'ass' is part of it, but can you perhaps add some checks to not filter if the word is used properly?
  9. Considering one deals physical and the other deals magical damage, I think it would be fine if if had both changes. It isn't like at endgame you would stop using cannonballs on magic resist lanes because the flameburst tower got buffed a bit. Also, I feel that balancing the tower around the fact that you use a large sphere to give it a chance at doing extra damage is not a good move in the current state. A squire gets even more bonus with Fight Me Not, like 35% or so extra damage from every shot once he aggro or taunts a mob(s), sure it requires some player intervention, but you could just stand in front of the barrier and watch the mobs die faster still. DPS Towers really do need some work, as they are currently in general not viable in end game, as was previously mentioned with everyone using barricades, traps, skyguards, and frosty power frostbite towers. If only 1 change was to be made, it should be the DU change as that will help with scaling some, as the flameburst tower lags behind and isn't worth the current DU. Additional effects for the tower for on hit would also be a nice weapon addition. 15% chance to stun an enemy, with multiple cannonball towers targeting the same enemy (not really overkilling in nm3-4 either), the likelihood that a stronger enemy gets stunned repeatedly increases, plus cannonballs hit further away base granting extra chances to stun/kill before the enemy reaches the walls. A 10% (at best) pyromania, which doesn't even affect the flamethrower, just does not make up for the differences between the two towers. Since Resists are in play, the argument should not be made on "oh this does some (weak 66%)aoe to maybe 2 or 3 extra mobs in a group" because it won't replace cannon towers on lanes with magical resist anyways.
  10. If I am not mistaken, it is not based on XP at all, but rather waves completed. May want to try onslaught instead to raise pet affection levels or run the first map a lot.
  11. With this information, it affecting two daily systems should help them narrow down the issue though, it has to be something common between the daily maps and daily quests
  12. They actually answered this on the dev stream a few weeks ago. The passives that we can get on gear now, such as frosty power, phoenix luck, purge evil, etc, Act as a multiplier to our potential ipwr. so, say you have 40% frosty power, and all your gear is 200, your traps that are affected by the frosty power would essentially be 280 ipwr equivalent. Also, the ipwr rating shown on the maps is currently showing you how the monsters are tuned. so 1000 ipwr for some nm4 stuff can be achieved with 600 ipwr gear with the right setup and passives. More passives will be coming though, so it should allow some more build diversity when they arrive.
  13. Ramparts Incursion: skeletons summoned my Malthis still have too much health over 2 million health each on NM3.
  14. NM4 is supposed to be exceptional from any other difficulty currently available. Trendy said so themselves during the stream. It is supposed to be a challenge for a team of 4 people geared with 800+ ipwr items, not some NM3 garbage gear. Not that anyone has 800 gear, or even 750, as they reduced the end tier of NM4 to 700 now so the power gap between NM3 and NM4 shouldn't be as big
  15. I saw a new sword in NM1 for my squire that had shellshock 0.15%, and a powerful chest with 0.07 frosty power, along with a phantom phoenix at 1.93% DP scaling. (all dropped today)
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