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  1. I deleted the game through Delete Local Content on Steam, then redownloaded the whole thing, and it fixed the issue.
  2. I am seeing this issue as well (Bought Humble Bundle, have access to all DLC except those three), and confirm that the suggested solutions also do not work.
  3. Blizzard says they have 10,000,000 players. But we all know that that number isn't real. It's 10 million accounts, active and inactive, combined. And I can assure you, it's not 1 player = 1 account. A friend of mine triple-boxed for a while. Blizzard has *always* stated that their numbers are active accounts, and I doubt the majority of players multi-box.
  4. ...from the upcoming patch notes. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14848-Upcoming-(7.14)-Patch-Notes-(ETA-12-19-2011) This won't end well, especially since this will cause a flood of gear from people who just farm lower levels.
  5. Leveling is actually leveling this time. What's the point of even having levels if it takes 2 runs in glitter to reach max level anyway? Just play the game and when you level it will feel more rewarding that doing glitter for hours to farm it.. The problem in Dungeon Defenders is that there is *little to no benefit* of leveling once you've hit lv. 70. You get an extra 8 stat points per level. That's barely any improvement. Compare to most other RPGs, when you atleast get skills/talents when you level... It's not very rewarding, and there's no motivation for the grind.
  6. Its nice! Some leveling challange!! "challenge." Right.
  7. Thanks trendy now leveling actually feels rewarding rather than doing Glitter insane and getting max level in 3 runs. It's just 8 stat points! When you have 299. That's not super-rewarding.
  8. We tried to get Valve on-board with midnight release, but they were too busy. We've submitted everything to them and word is should be launchin' sometime tomorrow afternoonish. Pretty please Valve :) -Jer In that case, can you please update the patch notes so there are no nasty surprises tomorrow? :)
  9. It's dark-green. Check the New Heroes promo vid.
  10. this is getting pretty silly.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ophidiann/screenshot/596955603845098644?tab=public It sells for 53 Mana. Really.
  11. The stat cap bug was being fixed in 7.13 I saw in another post.
  12. Just updated: * Slight Uber Monster Fest Item Buff (about 10%), and 30% Buff to the Rewards qualities.
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