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  1. So, I just came back to the game after a long period. I decided I wanted to get a fresh start since so many things have changed, so I moved all my gear and pets off my Heroes and into my bags and then deleted the heroes to make room for new ones. Something bugged out and I had to relog. When I relogged it gave me a "create a hero screen" so I created a new Hero using the newest dude (bought the new char) and now all my stuff is gone! All my gold, costumes (purchased), extra bags (purchased), all my saved gear, all my pets, everything! PLEASE HELP! Only thing I seem to have is half?? my premiu
  2. After the weekend and the botched drop rate, I basically gave up on the game. All my chars are stuck in the 40 range and I just can't bring myself to farm hard mode liferoot anymore. The game got stale pretty quickly with bad XP curve and needing to farm a single map over and over and over. Maybe I'll come back closer to launch, but right now it's just far to repetitive and unfun. Too bad really. I did enjoy my time during the first part of leveling, and even freeplay normal -> hard once they fixed the XP issues. But, now, it's just grinding XP for 15+ levels on the same map over and ove
  3. I'm assuming by the fact they have extended the event that they did indeed screw up the drop rate. And, instead of admitting it, they are just extending the event. Can anyone confirm that the drop rate has been improved after the patch?
  4. Same here, I've run Free play hard Life root 6 times now, not single legendary of any kind, and frankly only one Mythic. The previous time they did this, I was getting 3-4 legendaries per map run... something definitely seems wrong.
  5. Doesn't work on dummies, must test in live environment. Ok, should the numbers change when I inspect my defences? Cause that doesn't seem to happen either, so I have no way of really telling what affect the gear is having. For example, should I be swapping out DP gear for Frosty Power - I have no way to compare. :(
  6. Am I missing something here? I have 23% Frosty power, but when I test by putting a Flameburst tower in front of my Frostbit tower, I get no increase in damage at all. Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? On a training dummy, both before and after adding in a Frostbite tower, my DPS is 674 (I'm only in 130'ish gear at lvl 33).
  7. No, just install Steam on the new laptop, login with your account and download the game. I have the game on multiple computers that I use.
  8. Hey Folks, Was hoping to start a thread about useful tips and tricks that newer folks might not know, or ask questions that might be clear to experts, but newer folks might not realize (like myself). I'm no expert, so I actually will start with a few questions I've been unable to figure out the best answer to. How close should towers be built to walls. Up till now I've put them right behind, but I see some folks saying to build them back. If back, how far back - and does this cause issues with ice tower and mobs not being in range till they are right up close? this is the reason I was buildi
  9. Hmm, my huntress is the lowest of the bunch and I don't use her much, maybe that's my mistake. I rely on towers every time I try. I use Squire towers on magic resist, and Apprentice towers on physical resist lanes. And I sprinkle in a couple monk LA's and hunter traps to try and weed out the packs. But this always seems to fail. Perhaps I'll level the huntress a bit more and give this a try.
  10. MY bug is strange to. I went days with nothing, then got 3 at once, then finished them all but 1, finally finished that, got 3 more and then got nothing for days again, rinse and repeat. It's really all over the map. I cannot find any rhyme or reason to it.
  11. What is your ipwr level on those? And kudos, I'm glad to hear it's possible. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  12. Unfortunately, the highest char I have is a lvl 43 Squire, so my only option for Onslaught is normal Siphon Site D. And this alone seems off, why is only normal mode available while leveling and yet easy is available at end game? Isn't this kind of backwards? I do hope they makes solo more viable. As it stands now, the only thing I can solo is content below or at my iLevel (drop wise). As I mentioned, I'm iLevel 105-110 on average right now, but when I do any of the maps that reward ipwr 105-115, all I get are green and grey drops. Yet, if I do the first two maps, I get tons of legend and Myt
  13. Question for those that have done onslaught, is it balanced properly? I've got 4 chars, one of each, all at ipwr 105+ and I cannot finish onslaught on normal which requires ipwr 65 and only gives items for ipwr 85-100. Even when playing with 3 other people, we can barely make wave 5 and then get slaughtered on wave 5. This seems way off for the item value this map gives. The only reason I'm trying to do it is because the monthly requires 24 wave wins. It simply doesn't seem to be soloable and even with 3 others grouped, it seems overly difficult. Is it just me? I've tried many different set-
  14. I've done 3 to 50 so far (and still have to do the last because all 4 are needed for solo...). I think I might technically be married to Betsy now. I have no idea how you do it. I simply cannot repeat something like that so many times, I literally fall asleep. I play games for fun, and to me, there's nothing fun about doing Betsy over and over and over... GAH!!
  15. I gave up at 41. I can't do Betsy anymore - makes me want to jump out a window. Now I'm waiting until they update the XP/Loot/Curve so I can get back to playing "normally".
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