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  1. This has been happening to me for the last 4 days, and it is getting really dumb because the screen freezes for a second. Then there is an error that says I made to much requests. Help me Pictures: https://gyazo.com/d86d4e5d23694c61cd6d230400b36081 https://gyazo.com/f52afe36f690381cf4a21c2180ada584
  2. He was searching for 5 hours straight nothing happend
  3. Ever since this update my friend cant even join a social lobby but i can I'm gonna copy and paste what he said here and maybe someone can help him "I have went to tech support and tried all three tips including turning off both firewall and antivirus software. I have contacted tech support and gave them information and nothing has worked. After the update I was hoping it would be fixed, but its not. I have tried reinstalling the game, have someone invite me to a game, and nothing has worked. Please help, I bought this game and all I want to do is play it." Please help him Thank you.
  4. People (friend lists) Been saying that there was an update But i never got an update yet, Anyone els having this problem?
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