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  1. You want a reset? Delete your savegame and start again. Why piss people off? You totally miss the point of server reset.
  2. Suggestion: Try to do maps with gear that isn't way superior to the reward the map gives. Every time I hear someone saying these maps are easy it turns out they have gear that is way above the quality of the reward that the map gives. These items are also often claimed to be legit, though they are bought trough other player's shop. Just because they are from other player's shop, doesn't mean they are legit. When an item has 250+ in multiple stats, without negatives, the chance of it being legit is very low. I am not saying those are hacked gear 100% of the time, but most of the time t
  3. Use the barb correctly. There are pics up of the barb doing 10million and 20million dps...on the dps # with the special hit Not everyone has 90K general damage weapon with 5000 hero damage. @Supersalad: About hawk stance DPS: That is more like spike damage, rather than sustained 3.9M DPS due to the down time. You can't reproduce it every time the DPS number pops up on the dummy. I find squire dps superior to barbarian DPS in every way.
  4. i read them, now lemme think, faster speed but lower atk ok, but there is no point at this stance, u make around 60%? less dmg , bring nothing .. Tornado stance: Run fast, jump high, knock stuff away. It is a run-to/away stance, not a berserk stance.
  5. I have to force myself not to link a meme here. Let me get this straight: You bought the eternia shard crystal package, right? You received the eternia crystal shards cheaper, because you bought it as a bundle. You received the nightmare difficulty mode, as an extra. You will receive the assault mission pack for FREE, even though it wasn't included in the package when you purchased it. Where did you see them saying that you will receive future contents for free that were never claimed to bepart of the package? Seriously. P.S.: Your made up numbers made me giggle.
  6. I think circular strike is way too good. I managed to do 4M hits (AOE!!!), and my gear is not even the best of the bests. Enrage + autoattack + CS = 5.5M DPS (big part of it is AOE) <-------- VERY easy to maintain Barbarian auto attack = 1.5M DPS. Active skills don't modify it greatly on the long run. <------- hard to maintain, especially if I want to use skills in the rotation.
  7. So since i did not pre order ne of the dlcs i still have to buy the complete dlc ne way??? You have to buy the full pack now, or buy them one-by-one within 3 months. No point in waiting, because 3*4 = 12, and the preorder price is 12 too.
  8. I would like most of these, though some do seem to be complicated. The only thing that I am not fully behind is the change of the mana cap on items. There probably should be a mana cap mostly because people aren't selling them at a price around what they are worth, they are selling all their items at like 1000% profit or better where it can fit within the mana cap. Not everyone has prices that are way higher then they should be but most of the shops I see are asking for minimum 10 million on items that other people sell very happily for only 100k. If the person selling at 100k is getting
  9. Right click on Dungeon Defenders then click delete local content. Then reinstall the game. That is the .... Um... bandwidth unfriendly version of verifying files. Right click steam, go library Search game, right click on it Select properties In the pop-up window, select Local Files tab. Find the button with "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"
  10. You can also try steam file validating.
  11. They made that in 4 weeks! Tempted to do something on my own after 19th of January.
  12. Got the game about 6 days ago. Been pretty much addicted to it. Used your tactics and strats and have now solo'd MM on nightmare. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you. :) Glad you liked it! I would like to add a Queen tactic video to the guide, but I don't have the time for it. If anyone manages to record a video, I would be glad to post it. Prefered, but not required: Do it with characters not exceeding 3000 tower stats overall or 2500 hero stats (excluding speed) overall. Of course the above stats are meant / each char.
  13. Aren't we a little bit off-topic?:P BTW: Added some several things to the patch note.
  14. they roll back to -127 at 129, 128 should be fine. (Someone tested with charge speed) Btw, just saying, but boost above 40 is pointless. I wonder how small your auras are with that -power :D
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