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  1. so I was playing online and went onto trendy net and I wanted to look at the new character costumes so I created new characters but I couldn't name them by default is this new or have I never seen this and if it 50k mana to change name I don't like that
  2. Didnt work. Jumped 50 times 2 different occasions. thanks for wasting my time. trolled
  3. give them a chance mate there fixing tones of bugs
  4. I mean the Halloween is a blast and they seem to release stuff on such dates, so I bet for Christmas we'll have sweet snowy maps and snowmen attacking us. Gonna be awesome, oh and I'm just assuming, but there's no doubt we won't have a special Christmas event :P Thing is I hope they add snowy weather too! :skeleton: SNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW! ... men
  5. same problem need solution! try connecting to trendy net it just fixed it for me
  6. 4 of the outfits need to unlocked, while the other 4 are available right from the start. U could enter the Steam client, then go to store. Then scroll down to new releases. Click either DLC and then when u arrive at the next page click "install". Do that at both DLC's. that didn't work
  7. Its a novelty item. that explains it
  8. when I go to the edit character screen and pick costume there is a padlock next to it and a button saying get it so i click on the button it opens up the DLC section with both the missions and the costume DLC appearing All it has next to it is play game and when i click add to cart the buttons for buy for self and buy for friend aren't clickable does anybody have the same problem or am I just being stupid please help!
  9. I'm reserving my judgement till next patch. when will the next patch be?
  10. I personally think DST's are far too weak to deal with enemy's i think maby to make it better is to add its ability to go through enemy's when say its upgraded the more enemy's the higher the upgrade anyone else agree with me?
  11. i think it says don,t twist the taverns leg what do you guys see EDIT:how do i get rid of this and post pictures
  12. im with you auto step is a pain the worst part is against ogers i was trying to kill it and i auto attacked behind it and lost...
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