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  1. when your pet reaches lvl "10" (showing still 9) change to another char in your deck and go back your pet should be lvl 10 after that
  2. monsters are physical resistent but the line is showing magical that allmost always happens in thronroom and sometimes random on other maps
  3. not the first time that happend
  4. but you need a full group (or was it 3 people?) to start a vote. when they are back in the travern they select the same map and are back in your party... 4min left until you can start the next vote kick
  5. Paulol

    Pet system

    gratz you got a new pet now feed it so it will get stronger 5min later did it and now ignore your pet for the rest of your life! this is how the pet system works in DD2 so why don't you let the pet dps scale with there levels and give a pet a dmg boost if someone feeds it? like a 50-100%dmg boost for a map/some hours/a day and a dmg reduction if you didn't feed it in a long time why does the pet stat reroll vendor charge you more money every try for the same service??? this is like first try there is your coffee thats a tea... you have to pay 1000g anyway sec try there is your coffee thats a tea again! you have to pay 2000g this time next try there is your coffee thats a water :( another 5000g lost and so on
  6. is the iPWR requirement for END GAME deactivated? if you are 50 you can join every game up to NM4 in QUICK MATCH thats horrible... i always get some leechers in my group that aren't able to hold there lanes or just standing around and waiting for loot so i'm forced to play solo to win a map
  7. Vicorty Smell - Blaze Balloon burn attack rate increased by XX%  good job! :) so plz fix for all that don't know what's going on Blaze Balloon has a base Burn Rate of 1.00s with this passive it should be 0.83s and not 1.17s
  8. I have 2 huntress in my deck one is building and the other for dps sometime the traps i build with my builder change there stats to the dps huntress trap stats i had this problem now several times in and it happens mid wave and to a random amount of traps but it looks like the traps are affected in the order i placed them so if 10 traps change there stats then this are the 10 i placed first and i'm 100% sure i placed them with my builder this happend the first time after the last wipe
  9. what about give traps a secound circle that shows the dmg radius?
  10. Volatile Schematics - Trap effect radius increased by X% on Elemental Chaos/Explosive and Geysere Trap this gives +Range for Trig Range on Blaze Balloon it gives +Range for DMG Radius i think that +Trig Range is a bug and should be DMG Radius my Elemental Chaos Trap has 392 Trig Range but only 300 DMG Radius on Tier 1...
  11. if the builder leaves the tower will be broken replace them and build your own
  12. they broke this quest again did it yesterday i'm not sure if i finished it in endgame NM or endgame onslaught NM the bugged little bosses (3k-200k HP) should count for it
  13. You told us items have passives on them that are usefull for the class that's played when the loot dropps youtube def stream 33 time 30:25 https://youtu.be/wBYZjDjw09s?t=30m25s but that isn't true pre wipe it was like that but after wipe i always got random stats on my passives on my gear maybe 1 out of 20items have the tower stats i use but if you need the passives like aura trigger rate, trap dmg range, projectile range (should be bound to class) that's complete random and now with the new passives it's even worse it's like that from Campain till Incursion NM4
  14. yeah... My Blaze Baloon does 10k dps NM1-NM2gear(frostfire buff) My Firethrower Tower 3k... dps NM1-NM2gear(no buffs because you can't place him on a save spot for the buff) all you need atm. to finish a map is magic resist lanes normal hunter traps+frost tower, physic resist lanes Blaze Baloons, Gysir Traps and some Frost Towers new feature: Frezze Sphere can new freez Oger... Great job Trendy!
  15. Now we get a daily and can reroll it. like: Kill 500 monsters with towers There are always 3 or 4 quests that are the same. - Kill 250/500/1'000/2'000 monsters with towers So my Suggestion is in addition to the reroll option let us chose what tier of that daily we want to do. reroll to: Deal xxx damage to monsters with towers chose tier: 1 = 50'000damage 2 = 100'000damage 3 = 1'000'000damage 4 = 1'000'000'000damage or let us input the amount we want to do and scale our daily reward with it.
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