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  1. I don't see how this is meant to replace my Drenching Strikes and Storm Controlled Burst III weapon combo. I guess I can give it to my other DPSers? Whilst it's nice seeing Hero Shards as well as Defense ones, this is pretty underwhelming, not that I've thought about what I'd like to see in a Hyper Hero Shard. Now if only Mastery didn't feel like a chore when soloing.
  2. Might be an obvious question, but is there a time limit on completing the Mastery missions? As in Chaos V starts tomorrow, are the previous tiers: A-still playable, B-able to still receive awards from. I've fallen behind this week and would find missing out on this week's stuff to put me off the whole thing.
  3. A lot of "I´s" in this here rant. M1+M2 were on Wednesdays. They changed it to Saturdays, so more people would be able to participate, due to it being weekend and all. Maybe you are right. We should have the event at your leisure. Maybe you could send TE your schedule, and post a copy of it in here too, so we all can plan according to your free time. M. Despite this, you haven't argued against my point that this doesn't change anything other than delay things for roughly 99% of the playerbase. I mean you can see from the other comments here that there's seemingly little reason to try for top 10, especially since it's only 10. A week of this event doesn't change anything, it's either Wednesday to Wednesday morning or Saturday to Saturday morning so nobody's missing out. Maybe I'm just underestimating the number of people with enough free time that they can try for the top 10 but this seems like an oversight; either foresee that certain days (and time) would be better for a time attack event or do a different style of event that doesn't exclude a huge portion of the playerbase to begin with.
  4. I'm just up for complaining about the schedule change. I've had all of today and most of tomorrow off yet I'm at work for most of Saturday and will be out most of Sunday so this is damned messy for me, especially after I completed the previous ones on Monday so now I have no reason to play for almost an entire week despite being in the mood to do so. I know there's little reason to pander to people in my position but you're already pandering to others just because you decided to have a leaderboard for the most extreme players. Seems kinda poorly planned to me. Also, how many people have to ask about the 'VII backwards' thing? That's three times it's been answered in two pages. /Minor rant over/
  5. Okay, gotta give props to the Trendy team. Whilst joining and leaving a game is still a hassle, the new continue function completely removes the issue of repeated plays since you don't need to join a new session each time, I even got my first bonus shard earlier. Quite a nice 'we couldn't figure it out so we made a temporary workaround'. Granted there's still the bug with pressing G and the end of game menu not coming up that needs sorting. The game has to be closed entirely when this occurs (due to the timer counting down, but bringing up the topic's errors so you can never close the match) and humorously happened immediately after I got said first bonus shard. All in all, it's a lot better but still needs improving. Good job so far.
  6. Did it happen to resemble this only green? Alternatively it was one of the other dragons as there are no shark pets and that's the closest I can think of.
  7. England, and most recent check gives me: 19ms, 6.68dl and 1.91ul. Pretty sure my download speed used to be better but it still runs everything perfectly fine. It's not about internet speed. I tried with my home connection of 300Mb/s (upload and download), and a friend's house (50Mb/s), and the problem persists. I have the same problem as Faysumi. Hell, even on the main menu, when trying to leave a game or pressing continue/to taven buttons. Same thing with the latter part there, I just cut to the chase with the main parts in the video. Joining the Tavern on the main menu is more likely to get me in quicker, but also, with the Chaos Trials, if I get a map I don't want, say for example because I have Daily Missions to do, it often won't let me leave straight away, wasting even more time. I actually spent 20 minutes trying to get the one map I needed out of 4 the other day and eventually got bored and gave up. Granted that's going into another subject.
  8. Going into C5, I specifically bought the Abyss Lord for the Healing Fountain due to being killed again and again. I bought a DLC hero just so I could progress. Now I know you can do so without resorting to this, but frankly I consider them more game-ruining than the Geodes and EMPOrcs which is saying something. The problem I find, even now in C6, is that in order to 'counter' them, you have to stand in a safe area and wait for them to die/be knocked off (and then kill them). In DD1, they'd appear and make a dart for the players. attacking them until dead. This one just has them teleport so you can't even see them on the map, and then make it so you literally cannot play the game. This is actually my main gripe against buying the Gunwitch; what's the point of playing someone who's pure DPS if I'm always gonna be under threat of having to sit around in a very particular spot until the wave's obligatory nuisance(s) has gone away. I want to fight in this game that's part action-RPG, not AFK whilst a cloaked dude hugs me to death.
  9.  I figured it was a better idea to show it. Basically, every single time I startup the game/start a match/end a match (including quitting matches), I get time outs and errors that take a minute or more to resolve before I can move on. Effectively I can't play with other people as I'm stuck in place waiting for the game to tell me it's failed to do anything, then suddenly it magically finds me an opening like there was never a problem. Also, this neuters any chance I have of ever getting repeated win bonuses since it just kicks me back to the town at the end of a match (even if I originally select to go to the Tavern). All of this is taking in mind I have no problems running any other game, both spec-wise and connection-wise so something's definitely going wrong with this game specifically. I mean I'm not even mentioning the host of other issues I'm having at this point since this is the most important one at present.
  10. Grand, I have't seen a promotional thread for the Wiki for a long time. Would be nice to have more people on too, there's so much outdated stuff and I don't know what to do with half of it.
  11. Just shy of three years and little to no grammar. I'm impressed.
  12. Trials is the next step after the campaign, it has seven difficulties that introduce new mobs in each tier which make certain towers difficult or impossible to use. They are also designed to be failed the first few times you try them, as long as you can kill the first boss on wave two you can progress. Ah, I realised where I went wrong. Took me a day to figure out the stat handout has changed. I was trying to defend with no additional Defence stats -w- Thanks!
  13. Word up. I haven't played for I think about a year now, a lot of stuff's changed and I'm learning it as I go. Thing is, I have no idea how to just start a regular game. There's Campaign, Trials, Incursion and 'Any Game Mode'. Thing is, clicking the latter just brings up a "Please choose a Game Type!" message, yet it seems to be the only way of playing anything higher than Campaign Hard without diving too deep. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  14. Just keep in mind Tokens are extraordinarily rare in Onslaught, at least last time I checked. I never found a single one. Also I only managed to complete the Token quest yesterday with the exact amount required so I got incredibly lucky there, I was consistently getting the lower-end quests. Good luck!
  15. They're aware and it'll be reworked eventually. For now it's just to get Golden Eggs, very rarely Wyvern Tokens and the occasional Daily.
  16. Some equipment have passives that can boost the tower in other ways such as increasing the Attack Rate of defenses in range of the chill blast. Otherwise Skill Spheres can give it buffs aswell. Hero Stats don't affect it however.
  17. Is it just me or is there an increase in necroing at the moment?
  18. If Trendy still had screenshot contests going, that would be a good entry (depending on the subject).
  19. Nah, that's right, it's AR only allows it to attack every other second and it only hits once per attack. Yours should have a DPS of 1543.8 .
  20. Monthly rewards are for that moment in time only, they'll never be given out in any form again. Probably not. It's just there to influence decisions made in the game. It's not being used very effectively though. Ehhhh, not precisely, but choosing Gold gets you a small chance of getting Tokens from Wave 15 onward. I've gotten to 15-27 multiple times and not gotten a single Token. Then yet again I've heard of people 'winning' 0 Tokens aswell. As far as I'm concerned, until they update Onslaught, it's not worth it. It's just there for the Golden Eggs as it stands (which I don't care for myself).
  21. You have more than me than on DD1/E/2 combined by about 100 hours. Take that for what you will. I haven't opened a box since right before Wipeageddon just to see what they were like. From my understanding, yes it's normal to get duplicates. I think the idea is you're meant to be able to trade them, but trading hasn't been implemented yet. Generally your best bet with Wyvern Tokens is to spend them on Uber Spheres since that's the only way to get them.
  22. You're not accounting for it's Attack Rate and Hits Per Attack, in other words, it's DPS. Although admittedly, all pet's are weak outside of their abilities. Also, you can reroll it's stats if you want it to be stronger.
  23. If you mean where to find them quickly and easily, you can't. Currently, they're a random special enemy so you're relying on luck. On the 27th, a Halloween event will start with a map that spawns them guaranteed though.
  24. Can't be done, it's a legacy thing from the previous forums. New names can't be created with spaces in them and old ones with spaces can't be linked to.
  25. Hmm, good point on that, I haven't had to write down math for years so I forgot the brackets. Updated accordingly.
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