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  1. Hi No matter what screen option i choose i always have the start bar at the bottom of my screen anyway to fix this ?
  2. Your #2 in upgrade/repair is already in game iirc but I forget the bind... other than that, strongly agreed, needs to be in game. To cycle for repair/upgrades you press E will either doing repair or upgrade.
  3. I doubt there will be a dd2 any time soon to many players just bought dd1 during summer sale... if anything the so called *projects* are Dlc much like the shards .. or an entirely new game nothing to do with DD
  4. I play this game when im bored of my other games so ill play this game for a long time still ... when gw2 is out next week i wont be on for a long while until im bored of that :P
  5. Chi


    I've been watching a lot of anime lately but my favorite so far has been Fruits basket. It's cute and super funny and I just love the storyline. Ones I also enjoyed... Angel sanctuary Angel beats Claymore Corpse princess Vampire bund Anything Hellsing Mushi-shi Blood the last vampire Chobits Vampire and the rosary There are many others that I just can not seem to think of the names to be honest. Ones I didn't like so much... Cl'annad.. I watched the entire thing. It's not bad but it's very confusing and by the end of it I was confused. It wasn't something I expected and it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Mushi-shi is amazing omg
  6. sounds nice, though i dont think this game needs skimpy outfits >.> I like most of them though, that barb costume sounds nice along with the ranger. I disagree more skimpy = more money = more dlc for us :D
  7. A huge Chunk of players just bought this game during the summer sale i really doubt that DD2 is even remotely in the works .. other titles yes almost certainly but, there is no need for a new DD.This game only needs Dlc in order to carry on. Making DD 2 so soon will only split the player base in half and ruin everything so far. If anything i say trendy is working on new titles and Dlc ... But only time will tell.
  8. I'm looking to trying to do mistymire campaign on nightmare solo. I was wondering what kind of stats would you guys recommend. Right now I have: Tower Squire: 1000/1500/400/1000 Summoner: 500/1300/200/700 Tower EV: 400/800/500/300 Working on getting gear for a trap huntress, as well as a dps monk. Any help is appreciated. I did it with around those stats my monk was hybrid dps and auras tho, make sure you place atleast 1 healing aura where the boss spawns and use minion walls then its realy easy. Also Try get a Seahorse xD easy dps for nightmare
  9. Yep Depending on what difficulty you done the shards dlc on will determine what difficulty the portal will appear at
  10. I've clocked over 104 hours into this game just grinding insane/survival/hardcore and have yet to see a single myth drop, What gives? Is the only way to get them now to buy them from other players? because they sure aren't dropping on any map. Mythic s drop from Glittering caverns Insane Hardcore Survival around wave 18-25 but are low quality other than that u need dlc
  11. We need a spy cam to see what trendy is doing during this dry spell :P i hope its map creation ^^
  12. Menu, damage numbers tick box. Why can i not find this... i realy need some Insane glasses :P
  13. I realy want to know if there is a way because i cannot see anything els in meele combat and kobolds end up surprise butt sexing me me when all the Damage Numbers go :P
  14. ITS UDK its not that hard every udk game i ever played has the configuration ingame
  15. That map is not meant to be played solo try it with some friends atleast 3 others then the map is easy an manageable.
  16. I find the biggest problem on this kings for me anyway... is the speed the monsters run at its crazy
  17. Moar solo-able maps, yeah. I prefer that Trendy makes the maps aswell. The maps i would love to see are Solo-able maps that are just as fun with more players and when playing alone ... atm some maps are just to much to handle alone and some maps are to small for 4 players even. Perfect size i think is something like Magus Quaters or Ramparts thoes are nice sizes.
  18. Did they remove the Upgrade tile ? played over 10 times now to wave 20 and no tile :P
  19. Although you get good mana from even doing 4 or 5 waves in survival so in the end it still helps you progress :p
  20. u need to add an option for " would you like to see dungeon defenders 2 " :) Ye lol to late for that xD poll cant be changed or i dont know how :P
  21. The only problem I would have with new maps is that they might be "balanced" in the same way as King's Game, that is, with a sledgehammer instead of a artisan's chisel. I can live with that each time i play Kings i get a bit further, good point tho lets wait and see ^^
  22. I think having more workshop maps in ranked would be great. I was hoping Palantir would start a trend, but I realized it was a contest winner (implying it would be a one-time thing). There's even a thread on the general forums right now with a new tavern which looks totally amazing; I'd love to have something like that installed into ranked. I saw this tavern and i realy like it the current tavern is so small and very congested a larger one would be great.
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