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  1. ah okay i thought you could mount them. Altough I think mounting them would be a nice idea. Then you can controll them.
  2. I cant figure out how to mount minions.
  3. We have had several translation passes on German and no one can seem to get it right. Localization files are open in your games directory. If you have the latest version of the game and want to do German translations, we are more then welcome to add it to the game and toss you some DLC along with it. We are adding a recently completed French translation to the main game as well. Translations for the configuration tool will have to be done at a later time. Yeah thats really nice to say. Its impossible to change the launcher Buttons from the localization files, also I did the whole translat
  4. On PC I believe the program they are using is called cheat engine. But for consoles and androids I don't know. Cheat engine is free and it can change 1 mana to 1 billion or more in about 4 clicks. Get rid of it and we get rid of PC issues. Also how do people hack a crossbow so that is has like 15M shots before reloading??? That's gotta be done on a PC Cheatengine will get you VACed probably, the problem with VAC-Bans is that the come into effect like 2-3 weeks after hacking so you dont see him getting banned but he will be later. Although Im not sure if there are flawns in the fingerprint
  5. Many people seem to assume that just because they can't jump straight from insane glitterhelm to NM glitterhelm that progression is broken. They are just trying to skip a few steps. Progression is greater than ever. Thats just bull****, even if your gear allows you to easely finish Glitterhelm on Insane your not half rdy for any nightmare map except rampart/endless spire. Escpescially not for the first map on NM!
  6. The same problem that happens to a few of my friends is now happening to me... morons report your account just because your stats are 2k+(which isent even high) and you have items that have over 400 tower stats...gimme a break here. My friend has been banned over 8 times because he continuously gets reported by people that have no clue about the game and the same thing is probably going to keep happening to me... This is definitly fun/fair. Im sure ALOT of you guys on the forums report to. Stop assuming so much and be 100% sure before you do it. How can he be banned 8 times? Trendy banned hi
  7. I would like to suggest that for every different hero active during a map increase the loot quality. This would encourage ppl to fit as many different heros as possible into maps, even if your not as efficient as 8 countesses with app/huntress guards you'll still get the same rewards in even shorter time or you could even reach new tops if you manage to fit all chars (ofc not more than possible heros per map) into the builds :) Let the trolling begin :D EDIT: I forgot the MVP reward, maybe even give a MVHero award thats a Hero specific reward and every best hero gets it.
  8. And playing insane is wortheless anyway. You don't get better gear nor it is harder. I think you should stick with Easy difficulty. Doubt you played something different yet. Why does everyone state this??? Insane Bosses are a lot harder than hard ones if your not already high enough to do all the insane ones, on regular maps ofc its nearly the same!
  9. easy to say senz if your already into NM but for starters its a NIGHTMARE. Vouch on this Idea.
  10. +1 on that. If it looks like a tripwire it should work like one.
  11. Well, what is having 4 builders in a game gonna do? You would obviously just use the builder with the highest stats while the others just sit around. The dps "noobs" fill spaces that would otherwise be useless. Please use some sense. -_- P.S. I have a 1400/1900/600/600 builder AND a 1200/1200/900/xxxx dps character. I use builder when I host dps when I play with randoms. I dont know what in "DPS noobs" you dont understand thats ppl with gear that doesnt match but got a NM 20k weapon with about 250 ups and no builder at all. Obviously your not one of them since you own a builder, so why
  12. I randomly kick dpsguys because I hate all the DPS noobs, that are to lazy HAVE a builder in a TOWER defense game. GET A BUILDER!
  13. Don't know what game you've been playing but tower damage DOES go down when you swap toons. Your a ************* ofc because you lose th 30% dmg boost for active builder but the STATS dont change. Plus I can confirm that the boost changes like already stats a few times above. Every stats according to the tower stats that fit.
  14. I agree, its really an issue, because SnD is renderd useless in NM since ogres are to big to get hit at all! Solve is easy keep the range of the ogres but reduce the range they move till attacking so they are always in the range of SnD.
  15. Bonuses. Beam Bonuses. Declining a non-relevant latin word to try and make the plural of an english word doesn't work. If you don't care why, stop reading now. If you do, well, then here you go. It's the wrong part of speech (bonus was an adjective in latin, meaning good, bonus is a noun in english, meaning "something extra". You don't say 'bi' for more than one bus. Just because a word ends in 'us' doesn't mean you can make the plural end in i. It actually needs to be the same part of speech for that to work in any way. Knowledge is power. Choose to be upset I called you out, or take it
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