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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone! I may end up giving online multi a try... Haven't quite decided just yet.
  2. /SARCASM ON: THEN THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. /SARCASM OFF haha, I tell them the same thing. (not meaning to insult anyone, just a joke) Hopefully PS3 gamers, as these will get Cross-platform multiplayer in an upcoming patch (no ETA on this yet :( ). edit: @2gstar, please keep your bashing of console gamers elsewhere, your ignorance and intolerance is just plain annoying. Microsoft fanboys, sadly.
  3. Ah, I see (forgot to mention I'm on PC btw). Thanks for the replies. Guess ill be looking for some people to play with now, as all of my friends are console gamers.
  4. So, I generally stay away from multiplayer on most games. I've been playing single for a while now on DD and have all classes around level 50. I'm considering giving multiplayer a shot, but I wanted to ask how good the community is and if it is entirely necessary to have a mic. Anyone want to share their opinions? Edit: not to be misunderstood, I didn't buy a multiplayer game intending to ONLY solo it. I play local multiplayer, just not online.
  5. Selgald! Yes, at least one on the forums. DFTBA.
  6. Ahh, see, I thought the bonus was a timed bonus of 50% or something.
  7. I believe he means you can get 8 to 10mil in 10-15 minutes doing ogre crush. He then claims that the best way to beat it is to find a good weapon with 22+ upgrades and upgrade the elemental attack only. You may not want to upgrade it all the way though, as it may be a waste of money initially. Good translation? Edit: Disregard this, Ninja'd.
  8. Is there even any real point to paying partial amounts towards an upgrade? I mean, does anyone pay some of the upgrade cost EVER? I don't see why there isn't ONLY an upgrade instant button.
  9. Isn't this pretty much covered by the fact that having a level 70 makes it much easier to make mana and you can buy bonus experience rate in the tavern? Just a thought, as I've never bought it.
  10. Silvas, I went tower build with my four first characters actually. I got them leveled pretty nicely to get a feel for them all. Now I'm starting my four Hero builds. My builds are fine for me ATM, I just think there are a few people who probably did go with hero builds first using early squire towers who could use a respec.
  11. I don't think so. I think they said you could solo but they never said you could stick to one particular class and beat every mission solo with that one. They said the whole reason for the swap hero function is so you can get a good mix of defenses. Oh, okay. Well, that makes a lot more sense. Well, my qualms are mostly settled now. Thanks.
  12. IMO, squires should be put back how they were before nerfs. I understand everyone doesnt agree with me on that. I also understand that I may be wrong. Either way, I think a free stat redistribution should come with every big nerf that comes to the game so that people who haven't hit 70 yet and don't have too much mana can still play the game with the characters they were building without having to rely entirely on brand new characters. Also, the developers themselves said before the game even released that it would be soloable with any of the 4 classes (im referencing totalbiscuit's WTF vid
  13. I agree. I was actually just coming to make a thread saying nearly the same thing. I agree squire's didn't need nerfed and other classes needed buffed. At the moment, tower squires seem almost useless. My tower squire is, at least. Of course, he is only level 40 as I have been playing all classes. I think squires should be restored to EXACTLY how they were pre-nerf and other classes should be buffed from that point.
  14. Ooh, yay. 16 would be quite nice. Thanks for the reply!
  15. There should be some way to change the order your characters appear on the character list so people can reduce the time they have to spend changing characters during insane. Also, slightly different, but I'd quite like more character slots.
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