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  1. After killing the ol' boss if you press 'G' (start next wave/end game key) during the cut-scene and skip it the game ends and doesn't spawn chests. BUT there seems to be a timer, as the time the cut-scene WOULD end the chest then spawns and it comes up with "Press G to end the match." which you are unable to open as you ended the match prior.
  2. Since the patch reset my hot keys (As intended, I am aware!) I went through them all and re-applied my hot keys I use SHIFT+(Num 1-4) For Towers CTRL+(Num 1-4) For Hotswapping and some other stuff I changed these all in one go. Getting into a game I went to hotswap (currently on the hero in slot 1) and pressed CTRL+2 and it didn't work. Manually swapping (to Slot 2, through the hero Deck in inventory) and pressing CTRL+1 swapped fine. So it doesn't save CTRL+(Num 2-4) I checked controls and it says Hotswap 2 CTRL+2 Hotswap 3 CTRL+3 Hotswap 4 CTRL+4 Hitting apply again does nothing.
  3. [[52650,users]] The latest patch has fixed this issue. Just FYI :) (Also the text formatting on the quests looks neato!)
  4. Xerox Copier (I'm sure thats how you spell it >.> If not) Xylophone Are there any other objects that start with X?
  5. My mate had that happen to him I THINK its a VSync issue (can't remember) He could never EVER load into tavern until we changed his settings, so fiddle with those! (I cant for the life of me remember exactly how but I know there is a simple fix :/)
  6. I got medals from my daily's but not from the weekly.
  7. [[52650,users]] Good to know! I'm excited for pet revamps, also todays patch (well last night's one i guess) fixed this bug and my pets are now back to being at normal levels.
  8. Yes I can! Did not know you could access it that way. Thanks for the response! :) The bound key still doesn't work, but that's fine at least I can do my quests now!
  9. Cat Toy (Didnt know how to use Phood :( )
  10. You are banned for lack of ability to quote at this current time (Ban, 6 Hours)
  11. Title, I thought it had no key bound (cause I was touching the controls) Still bound too 'J' So far I have tried: Unbinding and re binding it. Binding it too a different key (mousethumb1 i think its called) Reset all the key bindings Binding it to L I DID have the screen yesterday however, today it won't show.
  12. Bump, I just noticed this today too! Same thing 220/60, crazy stats ect, ect. EDIT: It's only on my currently equip pets, the ones in my bag are totally fine.
  13. What time-zone is trendy in? O.o So I can efficiently farm those sweet dailies as well as know when the actual weekend events start.
  14. Just a simple countdown to the next quest in the quest menu. (Daily's and Monthly) That way those in different timezones would know when. (Such as me in Australia) There appears to be enough room in the UI to put a timer anyway.
  15. I've lost 4 games in a row now because my towers REFUSE to shoot air. Please just change the priority for towers, I can even capture footage of it.
  16. Ultimate showdown (Of ultimate destiny)
  17. First, buggy spots. Once the towers are placed here you can't reach them to sell them and by extension, cannot upgrade them either :) http://imgur.com/a/lTq79 Not sure if it was intentional but this gap can be crossed by walking forward without having a need to jump. Which is nice. I think that the laterns/light things should have there collision box changed so you can walk across them smoothly as you get stuck and have to jump over them. But that's what I thought of AFTER finishing the map. Here my thoughts at the first play! These spots (Another Link!) seem rather cheeky! (Although dis
  18. I enjoyed the mini spam of the Ping, I was shattered when I saw it get changed :( I think either the old way or maybe have the ping hold X amount charges with a cap so you can spam ping to indicate great importance but then it'll go on a cooldown, or you can then ping once and still be able to ping again soon if needed. Although I pretty much solo so I only ping for my own amusement.
  19. Well I've finally made my way to NM 3(ish) so if anyone wants to get some loot or Level I'll be home in about an hour! :) I can answer questions! Acquire Levels! Hell even if someone new wanted to run through campaign with a second person I'm happy to create a new character and play. Just press my name and My steam profile should be in there (somewhere) if not I'll post it soon! Happy Defending!
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