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  1. Hey, They are getting to people as fast as they can. If you already have a support ticket open with them, I'm sure they will get back to you. From what we see here on the forums, people who do stupid things like vendoring their best set of armor or other clearly user error (drop it mid map to decrease aura/trap size for placement then get disconnected) get a response in 24-48 hours. Same for some of those who had shops wiped with 7.13. I have been waiting 3 weeks now as my heros were completely wiped with the 7.12 patch, I actually bought another copy of the game and all DLC to keep playing. And with still no response from the lostheroes email, it is starting to feel like the only people who matter are those who hack/bug/exploit farm things, such as iUMF with 7.12b or nUMF2 by jousting. At least the people who lost their AFK shops could still 'play' the game they bought.
  2. To me it seems like all the balance changes made are for the already fully geared end-game player, such as this. (Not counting the large number of fixes/glitches corrected.) For those of us trying to work up into that gear, we still have quite a ways to go towards effectively clearing Nightmare on any map that can drop good loot. Currently the best gear I can effectively farm is low grade mythics (40-60^, most of which is lower stats than the iUMF gear I was doing in 7.12.) It is rarely selling for more than 1 million a piece. (The few really good ones I have to keep for myself, hoping to complete another set to replace my 'good' 50^ godlies from before) Trendy, I just ask you to keep in mind that not all players have the stats posted above (including me) when working on balance. Insane campaign maps are too easy for me and my friends (with iUMF gear) but nightmare is still beyond us quite a bit as a group. Solo I can nearly clear most maps, my gear holds me back and drops from those maps rarely seem to be much of an upgrade. I like the challenge of Nightmare, just not the gear progression.
  3. And this is what I like about Nightmare :) I just wish the loot curve was a little higher to break into the higher tier gear. I can nearly clear most maps on nightmare with my old 40-50^ pieces, but that is if I do not focus on grabbing loot. If I am grabbing loot I waste precious seconds of repairing/upgrading my defenses. As for the gear I find, finding mythics to replace my current gear is nearly impossible without another 200 hours of grinding. (One per dozen or two attempts is actually on par with my current gear.) Maybe it is just my poor luck with drops here, but without the time to grind NM MM survival it looks like the only way to gear up is to spend 50-75 million a piece to buy armor from player shops. In my opinion, NM is currently ~20% skill based and 80% gear based. The players who got good gear very early (IE Jousting ogres in nUMF2 while having multiple lives) definitely got a boost in completing the rest of the nightmare maps that had little skill involved. As for the OP, It sounds legitimate, especially with hero stats 1000+ factored into the final damage.
  4. I had my characters completely wiped with 7.12 about 3 weeks ago and have not even gotten an automated response yet. Does that count? I bought a new copy of the game (on a second steam account I made to do so) and in 3 weeks have progressed further than I did since launch.
  5. [QUOTE]I feel Nightmare helped destroy linear progression, but it's not the worst culprit.[/QUOTE] The sheer quality of high end loot that flooded the market pretty much destroyed the progression for me. Now, I do not have any of it, but I see high end items being traded for USD or 2 billion+ mana and I realize That by only playing 20-40 hours a week (Due to having a job) I cannot even compete. The only NM gear I can 'farm' is low end Mythical ( <105^ ) and much of it is not selling very well, even dirt cheap. Even with having my account deleted with 7.12 and starting over, I had just gotten up to soloing UMF on insane when 7.13 hit, and although I can still do that the loot is nowhere near what it was (in relation to the maximum loot quality) and now I need to find completely new sets of armor for my leveling characters to keep the set bonuses, I know I can only fall further behind. And Although I do play with friends, my gear is a tier or two above theirs. I do not 'want' to play only with hardcore players, but with my friends, so I cannot progress there, only help them progress up to my level. (And they are discouraged by lack of progress themselves.) I think the worst hit to me was the change for nightmare UMF to 1 life. I was very nearly clearing the first wave, if HP would not be bugged when switching I might have been able to do it with some practice, and then joined in the crowd that is/was farming the top tier equipment. As it is, when looking at shop owners I see players with better hero stats on their tower builders than my own DPS apprentice (who was hitting about 900K pre 7.13, without the 7.12b superloot). At this point, I think the only thing I can do is try to find a clan or group that will take me in if I want to get any further in a reasonable amount of time (less than three/four months.)
  6. At least you still have your characters. All mine were deleted with 7.12 about three weeks ago and I have not even gotten a response yet. I created a new steam account and bought the game again so I could keep playing with my friends. All we hear officially is that they have a large backlog, and that several developers occasionally fast-track the recovery of those they like.
  7. Found this one on the DefenderStore website while looking for some specific gear. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031730126 They seem to be selling gear for real money through Paypal. I also believe this is another of their accounts due to one of their own comments on DefenderStore. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997373569
  8. Does "anyone " include those of us who enjoy solo play or will the overall direction going forward be focused on "strongly discouraging" non group play? I'll be the first to admit that it's very early to make a determination from the outside looking in, but it certainly appears right now as though nightmare gives a big middle finger to the solo player. (OOT) I also play mostly solo. I have friends in the game, but I work odd hours (60+ on a regular week at that) and rarely have time to play with them, so most of my time has been grinding. Now I am finding I am better geared than they are, but not enough to carry them through UMF just yet, even on insane. As for my own progress, with being limited to 1 life in nUMF, I cannot get any real practice in to improve. One miss-step while blinded by my own inferno trap (for the wide AoE) and it is game over.
  9. Sure MrButton, as a long-time veteran of the forums, I'll fast-track the delivery of your stuff tomorrow. We'll use the TNet backup to get your items back and deliver them to you in-game. Expect to hear from one of our admins via PM tomorrow. -Jer Just curious, what kind of backlog is there for the rest of us? I know I have been waiting 3 weeks to get my whole account back from getting wiped and several have been waiting even longer than that.
  10. Honestly I think restoring lost shops should be second priority for the TE team right now, the first should be fixing all the deleted accounts from the 7.12 patch. Those players (myself included) have been unable to play at all without starting completely over. It has only been 18 days for me, but others have been waiting over a month from prior incidents. Yeah, it sucks that people lost millions (or billions) worth of mana in items, but you can still play using those characters, and even if you were to lose the progress you can still enjoy the game (You could probably even give the new gear you farmed plus your worn gear away to others to hold until the account was reset, getting double your worn gear back, depending on how ethical you feel like being. Now, I actually made a second steam account and bought the game second time, including all DLC, so that I could keep playing. With the help of a friend, I have actually gotten better gear than I had before, enough to solo UMF even with the ogres doing all that extra knockback now.
  11. 1965 Base Damage. Bought from a player shop, I cannot use it for a few more levels.
  12. I think the email above has a typo in it. Try [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] (Of course I then typo it too ;) Lost all mine after updating to 7.12, sent an email a few hours ago, now awaiting the response. I do play on multiple computers and I had just switched from one to the other so I could run a film on the one of them. No unusual popups or anything else. Cloud Support was enabled, although disabling it has not changed anything for me. My second account, with lower level and geared characters, is also played on two computers from time to time, was unaffected.
  13. Personally I would rather have a 30%-40% damage reduction rather than another DU increase. And I have noticed them adding controversial changes in the middle of the patch notes before, and sometimes adding to the bottom, sometimes the top. Maybe they should date every edit done to the notes. *Hint, Hint.*
  14. Currently have a Huntress Guardian locked in my shop, Shop cost is 15.000.000. Uploaded with ImageShack.us If anyone is interested, I would gladly sell it for cost plus maybe a little tip.
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