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  1. I like Valthejean thresholds idea, since u can go up to 4k dp.
  2. 2 of ur suggestion is already on an uber. The sheild for tower is the uber for monk hero and the cannon aoe is on the squire tower uber already.
  3. The squire uber does aoe, but i dont suggest buying it. It slow, misses alot, and does poor dmg.
  4. I thought of a magic to phy or phy to magic already,but than i realize that mean u will only need 1 class instead of 4 different class and lower diversity.
  5. Instead of having uber that changes your first tower from aoe to single or single to aoe. I suggest another uber that can let you go aoe to better aoe or single to better single target.
  6. lol just add dem on your friend list it not like more than 4 player can be in the group/private tavern and there no plan for 20 player raid or anything like that. Although a 20 player raid would be cool as hell.
  7. i spent 750 gem on 3 pet already and all of them came out as powerful....complete trash. You cant reroll their teir lvl so it just sit in the bag forever. The higher teir pet have better base stats so it more desirable. You should reroll stats before u give them affection though because if reroll mid way. The new stats wont get the bonus level up of the previous affections.
  8. There actually a dp monk in the forefront of the game in incursion onslaught NM 4. The squire overall is good as dp, hp tower and tank hero spec. The heavy cannonball tho is useless. Completely useless! It is slow, does bad dmg and the aoe isnt all that great. And to have max dmg you must set it super far away, but the road are curve.
  9. well a few ppl were running nightmare 1 first map and got some decent ilvl gear. Then went to NM2 did the same thing and so forth. All the way to NM4. Since the new patch only drop from boss/mini boss. The progression is really slow. I took a group of 3 ppl to NM1 (50 mage, 47 monk, 50 squire) and we just killed the first boss reset and repeat. We got a few decent gear, but we are not able to progress as quickly as the ppl who are in the forefront of the game. The problem is that u actually need to know ppl who u can invite into the tavern because the ilvl requirement is high. And there isnt
  10. there a hotfix for it tommarow, i manage to get to lvl 31 with a person who had a working egg tho. so i been playing in free mode.
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