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  1. Sure it shouldnt take 1 year to finish a nm4 map. But not in 3 days. I agree that nighmare should be a challenge HOWEVER you should feel like you're making some progress while doing so. I can tell you when I've run nightmare, either solo or with a friend, I don't feel like I'm making any progress. If anything it feels like it's RNG based on what mobs spawn in the lane determines how far I go into the first round...
  2. My friend and I did the toughest end game Insane and got mobs that were around level 50.. End Game NM1 on the easiest map and they were level 88 mobs.. Scaling at it's finest.
  3. I've noticed that the past three weeks (and next weeks) there have been RNG based weekend events. Can we have a weekend event that acts similarly to the monthly event (ie do a certain amount of missions, get a certain amount of kills, or something) that gives us some sort of reward (maybe a pet, a skin, etc)? Honestly I don't mind the RNG events but I feel it's starting to get a bit repetitive.
  4. I've had a problem where i equip a pet to feed it and it feeds the pet i had previously equipped and the power level of the pet that's equipped (that I'm trying to feed) changes to the pet that was previously equipped..
  5. I know a few people were having issues (myself included) with this earlier... No idea how to fix it though :(
  6. Seems like this problems been going on for hours.. I tried around 7:30 am EST and got in once after like 15 tries.. And now (around noon EST) and no luck after about 10 tries... Hopefully this gets fixed soon...
  7. I think having it be a fixed hp amount would fix most of the issues with it.. or having the % reduce as the level of the mobs get higher.
  8. It would be nice to be able to have titles be for specific characters instead of accountwide.
  9. My friend and I both completed our dailes at around the same time yesterday (I actually finished mine first...) He got a daily today and I didn't :( .
  10. I'd love to have something like this.... +1
  11. Either I'm extremely unlucky or they both seem kinda weak in comparision to my non premium pets.. For example, my epic Katkarot does 8 damage a shot with attack speed of 2s. (FYI, I reroll'd both those stats about 5 times each.) All of my epic pets do a lot more damage with similar or better attack speeds.
  12. I was thinking it'd be cool to have a quab pet.
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