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  1. Such a small quality of life change would make it SO much easier for getting rid of duplicate shards.
  2. Adding my two cents to this, the most notable problem (especially on Chaos 4 and 5) are the lady orcs and cyborg orcs. It might be to do with the movement speed of lady orcs or the targetting preference of Cyborgs for some things over walls, but they make up literally 95% of the mobs that leak through a wall, even if you yourself CANNOT walk around your wall, which should be a good indicator for a wall that is not misplaced.
  3. Yep, that's pretty crazy. That's easily enough spray to solo a lane. I haven't found a broom worth upgrading yet, hopefully tmrw. Thanks for the SS. EDIT: Safe to assume this is with Storm Gloves? Actually...It's not, though I presume that with the way storm gloves works, it wouldn't proc too often as it would be linked to the 1.3 attacks per second and not the number of projectiles?
  4. Double Tap I crit scaling, demonstrated with hero crit salve. No other weapon type comes close, even Double Tap II is about 50k less dps
  5. Everyone loves patch notes during patch downtime!
  6. Can I ask how much defense crit you have to reach 40k crit damage on your beams? 11,648 in the stat window.
  7. About 550-560 seconds left, I've had enough practice with proton beam placement now that I take about 14 seconds to place all the beams in a single spawner
  8. Apologies in advance to anyone whose network speed struggles with the quantity of pictures
  9. Stats of the defenses used: Prison Path placement: Crystal Cavern placement: Central Corridor placement: Dock Side placement: Water's Edge placement: Skeleton archer camp for two southwest air spawns: Skeleton archer camp for mid air spawns: For the build phase before first wave, start by picking up the mana from the prison path chest and place the proton beams how you see fit (using multiple 2 node protons allows for damage stacking which multiple nodes in a single chain does not). Switch to Apprentice that should be decked out with the movement speed weapon, movement speed on boots and the 300 and 400 movement speed spheres, run to the Crystal cavern spawn point and switch back to EV2 for more proton placement, working your way from Crystal caverns round to Water's Edge so you cover all 5 spawn points, then start wave During wave 1, switch to Abyss lord and start placing skeleton archers, starting with 4 at the south camp closest to the water's edge spawn point, 4 on the platform next to the Central corridor spawn point and finally 3 archers to defend the prison path spawner (Prison Path skeletons should take care of bosses and save you the trip) And that's pretty much it! With a bit of practice you'll be able to start each wave after the first as soon as possible. Proton beams do not need to be upgraded, upgrade archers at least twice during waves (positioning yourself near them at the end of each wave so you can get a few instant upgrades in while it's impossible to start the next wave), and making good use of dragolich and hero dps to kill any bosses that survive the proton beam clusters.
  10. Close to being a 300+ seconds remaining run, bit more luck with bosses dying from spawn defenses and it should be doable.
  11. I honestly thought it was fine before, now it's even better. 115% DoT tick bow with hero crit damage stat, using long range sphere (But not to its full potential). Add in the fact that you get a 40-60% slow to completely shut down any threat and I really dunno what the crying was about, git gud.
  12. I'm going to be different and say that I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with this bow. One of the biggest selling points of the bow is the slow, 60% slow is a HUGE modifier, especially when combined with other slowing tools such as chilling, frost tower, oiling and serenity. The damage is clearly designed around the right click channel, getting 65-75% rolls on the DoT tick and the channel ticks can easily result in 60k DPS to every mob hit (You also need to understand that the crit scaling on the squire sword is a bug and not a good comparison, 16k hits and 70k crits with the flamethrower is not going to last) My only real complaint is the difficulty on obtaining one with good stats for the special. 6 different modifiers that all play an important role in its effectiveness, DoT duration is the only one that doesn't matter too much, finding a 70%+ DoT damage and channel damage bow with 30% slow is not fun!
  13. Onslaught wave 35, roughly the wave you'll get to before the game gets to 3.5GB+ of memory usage and proceeds to crap itself.
  14. Only 3 passives even exist for builder stat polearms that do not have any special stats on them, so what else is it going to roll other than jackpot?
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