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  1. bugged right now, dont invite other players to a party when you are in a public tavern. Start a match first then invite them or get into a private tavern (which requires beating a match on private). Friends should be able to join your private game, they just cant join a public tavern from your steam invite so it fails.
  2. Quick question, are you supposed to get one or three quests daily? I'm still only getting one.
  3. bump, pushing lvl 40 and i havent made ANY progress on collecting wyvern tokens
  4. I was in the same boat pre wipe when I found out that the costumes that you got from chests could be collected twice for no effect. My immediate reaction was anger on wasting so many trendy gems. Good luck on the fix!
  5. Yea, I don't want any of the costumes because they won't allow mixing and matching of accessories. If you do end up changing this please change it for the survivor costumes as well!
  6. Really annoying me, maybe make F to talk but then any key will continue/exit the conversation?
  7. I've had the same issue when playing with a friend. If we try to join a public game it skips the matchmaking process and dumps us into a game. Have not had anyone join one of these games yet either but it may be public.
  8. 3 waves may be too short early on, but it has a nice feel to it. I love the fact that the mini-bosses show up like a boss, with health and all. I noticed a friend having troubles with the first tutorial map, the monk auras were placed not so strategically and they almost lost. It might be nice to either make the cart invulnerable or to increase its health (maybe allow the health to go down to 1/4 and if they do that they get prompted to try again) to not discourage players right away.
  9. Submit a bug report through their online form (stickied in the bug report thread). I'm sure something like this will get resolved, but they usually require you to submit through that form first.
  10. Start a match first. Its probably a bug, but I can't get steam friend invites to work while in the public tavern. Start a private match and invite them to that (or finish a private match so you are in a private tavern then invite. I have not had issues inviting friends to a private match (honestly haven't tried inviting to a private tavern yet). I cannot invite a steam friend to my party while I am in a public tavern though.
  11. Why can't we be friends? But seriously, the bugs are enormous here, the lack of attack speed seems to slow the game down a bit and I like that. I will reserve judgment on a massive, game-changing patch until AFTER most game-breaking bugs are fixed and the davs have had a chance to do two things, catch up on sleep dept and push out a few balance patches. Until then I'm with those that say adapt your personal play-style to the new game, I'm personally having more fun playing with 2-3 friends now than before the patch because now all players are actively involved in repairing towers and attac
  12. I like the suggestion of highest HP, could have a large heart icon. Other suggestions: lowest HP (small heart) furthest away (small enemy) closest (big enemy) All tower priorities should probably be overridden by anything in range that is attacking a hero/defense/core
  13. If you guys have any way to do this, would it be possible to reward players who purchase the game or collectors edition at full price days before the sale? Possibly with a sale equivalent of trendy gems? It would be a good faith return on people supporting the development of the game who just happen to have poor timing.
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