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  1. I can confim it's working. Just finished my first survival on this map using this build. Well, this build with additions. Since my stats are around the same as gorom's I've added some stuff: infernos and eth spike traps on top of gas ones and also replaced one archer on three of four walls with a mage this gave me much more time between repairs and made the game overall less intense. Anyway, it worked like a charm, so thanks for the idea to skip towers alltogether. One of the easiest runs I've had. UPD: Got like a dozen of rather nice trans armor pieces and a troll ultimate one: pretty d
  2. Now that's very smart of you... Go get a cookie. Yet the question remains. Despite some, hm, homo erectus, who might think you can question just the nerfes and not the buffs..
  3. Two simple facts and one question: 1. Harpoons have been dumb since day one. Since release. (and it made us position them precisely on Insane Glits) 2. There were dozens of threads begging for target leading for harpoons. (people who first started reaching high waves of Insane Survivals really brought the problem up since mobs there got enough speed for harpoon to miss everything) Now, all of sudden, they're being patched. Why?
  4. For the new class of items, yes you're be able to put more than 360 points into a stat. However, I should note, the new class of items is quite rare... -Jer Hm, nice. Does that really mean that you're fixing the 374 -> 117 stat rollover bug?
  5. I use a tower weapon with 100 block, with stats into tower damage until it reaches 360, rest into weapon damage. Next weapon I plan to grab is a hammer since Circular Slice is about my only strong attack. Because the high stats don't work in games when I'm not the host, there isn't much use for them to me. Definitely a Squire, too. In fact, that's one of the obvious choices — CS Squire + Hammer. And the Poll is just a bit of daydreaming, of course. I can't even imagine a choice like that on Ranked — getting one of these requires a lot of luck, getting three seems impossible :) Maybe if t
  6. I know, I know the best Hybrid weapon for Squire(-ess) is your DPS weapon of choice with great tower stats :) But if we take into account that only 3 models spawn with insane 500+ stats. And none of them is on the best DPS weapons list... Let's say you have a choice: lvl 74 squire or countess with one of these. What would you choose?
  7. i am using a godly rather than a myth for my squire tower guy with the same reason. godly stats from what i`ve found can reach 400-450, with a vendor value of 3x those of myth. ex; if the average myth weapon vendor value is say 2 mil, a godly can reach up to 6 mil. plus if you are really really really lucky you might get a 255^ sword with +450 to all 4 tower stats. only applicable to 2-3 types of swords though, i havent seen anything remotely good for other character weapons New/rare models (check out the first three in filters for every class on DefStore for images) spawn with insane stats
  8. LOL @ thread title. I must try one day upgrade item from 1 to 250 in one go, on ONE mana pool 2b :D. I know you didn't meant to be super detailed and 100% fair in naming thread but only saying, it's not possible to upgrade 1 --> 250 with 2b mana. I usually do that in AFK Shop after Survivals. Because Survival is the only place I can get upgrades and of course I sell things in AFK Shops :D So I earn mana as I spend it. And if we manage to somehow get to wave 27+ (no DCs, no bugs, no mistakes — exactly in this order) then I loot enough items of usual quality to quickly make around 3B man
  9. [c3;354522']i wasnt calling him a hacker. im just saying, it seems to me the purpose of his post, and the one person who said he failed to see what was a "bug," was that the loot system currently is a broken mess, producing items such as is posted, with what appear to be absurdly high stats (ive never seen a single item that has more than 200 base value to any character stat. not saying they dont exist, just that i havent seen any). and the problem, as i read it, is that because it has a hero health bonus greater than 374, when other players look at it, they see 117, which some people recog
  10. [c3;354008']i dont think it is possible to get godly gear with so many positive stats (or so high) on it either, even with the few negatives it has, through normal play. ^^^ And that's exactly what OP means when he's says "I'm being branded hacker". I hardly ever join some random games, I'm mostly playing with my friends. And if I have an open spot and some random person joins and calls me a hacker... well, the KICK button is out there. That's why I'm just wearing my Godly Chestplate with over 1400 tower stats or a Godly staff I've looted recently with almost 1700 tower stats before upgr
  11. I agree that should be fixed. The items with above-the-cap stats should stay though. Yes, I have one and I don't want it to be stolen from me — it's the only really useful super item like this I got from close to a hundred of Misty runs and I totally love it. And I'd say they should continue to spawn just as rarely as they do now.
  12. This vid is in the suggestion forum, recommending a new upgrade method: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?37350-Modified-forging-with-video-example The last post in the thread is a dev response from about a week ago. It seems they've taken notice of all the complaints. We'll see what they roll out with. Thanks, updated the OP with this info. Apparently, I was wrong not to check the Suggestions forum =/
  13. Ceemeeir's thread on the issue: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?37350-Modified-forging-with-video-example With Jeremy's post there: ceemeeir, very good job with this -- we'll integrate something like it in an upcoming patch! :) -Jer OK, this issue has been around for quite a while. It's a very pressing one, at least for any active player. For all of us who haven't looted their perfect sets yet and go through upgrades rather often — and I'd say it's 90% of those who actually play. It's not a new silly UI decision, there has been a dozen threads on this matter. Yet there's n
  14. What OP is talking about really seems like a bug. UPD: I think it's a bug because I could survive a couple of hits on later waves. But in general, I must agree that damage in Misty HC MM is ridiculous. I can't imagine anything but squire/barbarian above wave 20 there. And that's sad. Really =/ To all those smart guys above: 1. It's MM, DEW spawns are random. 2. It's MM, add 3-5 to wave number if you want to compare it to usual HC. 3. As a bonus to #2 — it's MM, you get lightning fast ninjas (and eventually everyone else) much earlier. PS I'd be very happy to watch a video of If you'r
  15. We'll fix this in the update tomorrow (along with the Harpoons), thanks for the heads-up. Clearly, mix mode wyvs on this map need to be limited to their pre-existing spawn locations ;) -Jer WHAT?! No more random birds from every spawn? Please, don't do this. It's the easy way of fixing the issue, but it's damaging the gameplay... As much as I hate birds it's one of the key features of the Mix Mode. UPD: And yeah, I also had problems with birds on Misty. North-western spawn birds glitch through the mountains, strafing/climbing up and eventually they're moving normally only in like meters
  16. This your problem? Nope, I haven't finished the new map yet. Probably there was something else... I don't know what happened: maybe they fixed it for me really fast — in like hour after I posted in Report an Issue, but I just managed to update it all smoothly... Weird. I had this problem for like weeks... :) Should've posted earlier, I suppose :D
  17. Iv only been to the store page once but i do know that if i press that button i usually end up with a whole lot of random friend invites from people who want my goodies. So i just assumed it was functioning. i hate the DD store anyway... I mean contacting the seller is a total pain. WTB Auction Hosue. Edit: i haven't tested it in 7.17. Could be a new bug. If they could fix the AFK shop visibility issues (or region issues, I don't know what's the real reason) I could forget about that website as well... unless they'd add a Join the Shop button to it. But after all it's not like all th
  18. Turns out it's smth specific to me and not a common issue. Delete this thread or move it to Report an Issue section, please. Suddenly, it worked. And no, it wasn't the Cupid pet issue, it was something else. Apparently I was thrilled to see this new button in game. Thank you for this. But it was broken right from the start, for quite some time now. It just won't work. At all. I press it and nothing happens apart from that blue spinner in the lower right corner of the screen. I open a browser in Steam overlay, sign in on DefStore.com, press the button again — nothing. I thought there's a p
  19. Ah, speculation, yammy! But next OP toons — definitely monks :D Just check out the beta-group topic...
  20. The Pet growth sizing modification is biased to smaller pets -- i.e. on the whole new pets are going to grow significantly smaller -- only very rarely will they grow larger than previously ;) -Jer Oh thank you for that. But have you ever considered to make them semi-transparent in certain occasions? Like when they're blocking your view in battle. Especially guardians, because they tend to do that a lot.
  21. There is a simple answer to this topic: Becuase Misty and the rest of the Eternia Shards is like an Area 4 of campaign- it is designed to be played after finishing the campaign, and thus the difficulty and therefore reward is higher. That makes perfect sense. Yet I'd love to see some of the older maps brought up to the same level in terms of loot quality and time whether it's mob quantity and additional waves or any other way to make them faster...
  22. ... You miss one thing in order to have access to NM you need the full pack of DLCs :)
  23. Even local/Steam cloud saves for Ranked would be nice. Cheaters are going to love it but who cares. You can't screw the whole legit part of the community just to avoid cheating. Especially when there's nothing you can do about cheating in general. Absolutely nothing you can't change VAC to issue bans the very moment people cheat, you can't stop selling game copies. You can't even vet all the data on a regular basis. PS: if we get the feature I'll abuse it 100% unless it leads to a ban :) I'll start Survivals at the wave where interesting part begins right now it's wave 20 on Misty and
  24. There are only, technically, 25 waves to Mistymire Forest. As if you attempt to start <5, you start at 5. Secondly, why can't it be better? Different maps have different difficulties, and as such can have better/worse items, but the main issue behind this is the time needed to finish Mistymire combined with its quirky item generation when you compare it to say Endless Spires for survival. I'm not saying there needs to be a big change or anything, but technically speaking, if you start at any wave other than 1 in survival, compared to mistymire, you do actually have to go through less wave
  25. Music is perfect :) The answer to the question in thread title is pretty obvious yes, like in it's totally possible. The real question is will you and when? Losing @ wave 2x of Misty because AA harpoon was staring at spider he can't even shoot... sucks. I mean, it was supposed to prioritize air target, right? There's another problem by the way monster hit boxes and their relationship with harpoon towers. Namely, harpoons easily and quite often miss spiders, goblins, skellies. They just shoot above them.
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