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  1. It does. Didn't see any information about the Itsy-Betsy pet (all of the below were on a hero with right around 4k HD and AP). Pretty sure it was only about a 5 second cooldown as well. That's not fair!!! My Betsy rolled with water damage and the best ability i could get is a heal since ability pool is based on element and species :( i tried re-rolling the water damage to another type but the only thing that changed was the attack value :( dont want to spend another 180 WT to get a decent betsy for my dps huntress... i get one-hitted most of the time so a heal is pretty useless
  2. Wow O.o Thanks guys for telling me xD Going to keep that on my apprentice since 39% forstfire beats 10%, right? I guess I will lose roughly 900 DP on my relic in endgame nm4 but this will probably still be more powerful with what I'm aiming for :D If there's just a small difference I will probably sell it some day. EDIT: I just found out I have another item with more than 10%.. sadly it's 'just' 15%: Link If the devs really want to get rid of legacy items I will use the cr*p out of this item xD Good thing i kept that other one
  3. but a difference of 31%? that seems to be ridiculous and i tested it... the level 35 item is way better than the level 50 one when it comes to frost fire damage boost
  4. Should this be a thing? All the passives have better stats on the lower iPwr item... both legendary EDIT: Link to the picture
  5. I'm still confused since I didn't get a Bearkira with the release of todays patch. Did we have to complete the monthly before the bug appeared or did we just have to beat the campaign and be able to do the quest?
  6. Ahoy chesticles, Thanks for the reply but remembering them isn't that big of a deal. The bigger problem is that they really disappear after their slot of the daily section is filled with a new one. That means i really have to clear them in a single day and I can't play everyday. Already lost two quests with token rewards 5-10 because of that unfortunate problem. EDIT: I just completed an 'old' daily which wasnt shown anymore and its slot was already filled with a new one but i got the rewards so they dont seem to disappear but i can hold more than 3 now
  7. Well, not really despawning but they kind of disappear and remain completable. I just cannot look them up anymore in my quest log but as soon as i complete the requirements i get the pop up and the rewards
  8. I guess I'm going to change my build xD
  9. Mine got reset too, ticket already sent. Had about 5/75, 60/75, 20/25 or something like that. Latest valid save is yesterday about 10 pm
  10. Lightning: Will there be Costume or Accesory Sales? Lightning: Are there plans for a Barbarian/Bearbarian Hero, since there are more Hero Skills in DD2? Lightning: Will there be maps from DD1? I'd love to see some of them. Lightning: Will we ever be able to transfer passives from an item to another? Lightning: Will we be able to reroll a pet's elemental damage? My Itsy-Betsy deals water damage and is almost completely useless for my dps huntress
  11. omg, no >.< i really have to reroll my DP / DCdmg thunder-o ?? this cant be true... it only has ipwr 10, why did it get rerolled? EDIT: i didnt have to reroll any pet
  12. I'm pretty sure they are looking into this. It's one of those problems Trendy wants to solve as soon as possible Oh, yeah.. I meant same map ^^"
  13. dear lord, how much gold did it cost?
  14. Found this ring: Same round that happened: It's the pre-endgame incursion
  15. WOW, that thing is awesome *-* but it needs too much exp.. :( btw, what mode/difficulty did you use to grind for food?
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