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  1. Like in thread. By a stupid accident, I sold all my legendary relics from old NM4 maps (Why I pressed Z than S? TwT)... So now I have nothing. And here's my question. Where can I farm them fast (atleast lvl 50s)? And what towers should I use to try Ch1 later? (all 4 starters + Eve - are protons useless now? + Witch)
  2. Like you said, it was gift. They didn't have to give us gems. Btw. for the first lvl 50 you can get some gems too (i don't remember, 210-250 or less?). The game is F2P, no P2W and you cry about free gems o.O
  3. Oh, a new thing: Daily missions didn't lost for ever. They exist, but I don't see them... I finished them two right now, but please, repair it :c
  4. Today I got new mission, so i wanted to do it. Mission for 6 special enemies, yeah, easy. And guess what? After finish one map ( killed only 3 special enemies) mission disapeared... I didn't get enything and now I have to wait next day fot the new one. It's second time with that bug (it hapenned yesterday too...). I can't get 12 more tokens for my poor huntress... ;_; PS. Sorry for bad english :v
  5. Which maps should I choose for gearing up? D:
  6. Hey. I really like my new 50lvl Huntress. Got my very first NM1 eq, but... I don't really know how should I build her. Which items should have which stats, etc. Any good passive for weapon and others? In Hero stats I maxed Defense Range, Defense Speed, Defense Power and gave 30 last points to Defense HP. Is that good? Please, help! :3 Oh, and I have 48 wyvern tokens now, gonna buy Elemental Chaos o:
  7. No more full wipes! But that only applies to the game. You should still wipe. It's hygienic. I love that community... xD
  8. I can't solo anything like that :/ Apprentice's towers are so weak now...
  9. So... builds are useless now, without speed... :/
  10. And there are no items with defense speed rate ;-;
  11. We can't play free mode without that... Cool... :/
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