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  1. Yes, there's is a patch that removes orbs from the drop table due to players ranting it's uselessness as defense speed is capped. Yeah well I can understand that even though it appeared to still boost attack rate effectively but probably had rapidly diminishing returns.
  2. To clarify a bit, not the Orbs meaning the things that Shards replaced, I mean the speed boosting relic type.
  3. I'm not sure if I missed something from notes, but did Orbs get removed from the game? I haven't seen a single legendary orb drop in probably... at least 50 trials runs. I totally glaze over non-legendary, so I don't know if any of those have dropped as Orbs.
  4. Fortunately I haven't had the issue repeat itself since the time I last commented on it. Not sure exactly what changed but it works now so I'm happy. lulz The main "issue" I've had lately is with how grouping works. I recently got a friend to play and I figured it basically made him the default host since he hadn't done the campaign stuff. After grinding him up on all of that, it still was... buggy, to say the least. Like, one map it would seem like I was host, then the next, not? Or it would change when we popped back to the Tavern? I don't get it... Also, the same ol' random latency hiccups.
  5. You weren't doing anything wrong, unfortunately. When you party up with someone, one person is randomly selected as the leader, and only they can open the map. It can even change from map to map (as I experienced while running mastery with others). One way to get around this is to simply not be in a party, and continually invite the other person to join through Steam once you've started the map. Otherwise everyone in the party just needs to try to see if they can start the game. Sounds like something that needs to be fixed... LULZ
  6. I recently got a friend to start playing DD2 and have been having some issues with the way grouping seems to work. When we were in a group, it wouldn't let me look at the map to see what zones he still needed to do to unlock Trials, and wouldn't let me be host. It was thoroughly frustrating trying to figure out what we actually needed to do. Were we doing something wrong? Does anyone have any tips for helping teach a newer player?
  7. Yes it does though half of the time it doesn't pop up with the "are you still there?" message before disconnecting back to the start screen. It is very frustrating trying to figure out how the system works and how to work around it. i understand your problem normaly the ''are you still there'' message has to popup but i bet it is an bug of some kind thoug if you want to solo afk i ca recoment to you to find or buy a ring were your mouse fits in and cant get out then i would recomend a moving thing such as an electric mini toy car or other thinsg that can move the mouse around then ju
  8. Yes it does though half of the time it doesn't pop up with the "are you still there?" message before disconnecting back to the start screen. It is very frustrating trying to figure out how the system works and how to work around it.
  9. Can someone explain how the "afk timer" works for someone who plays solo? I mean, I have tried to figure it out since Alpha and still just don't get it. For example, at the end of a wave or match, I may want to use the restroom, grab a drink, have a smoke, all of which may take just around 5 minutes. Then i return to my PC and I have been disconnected. I've tried to do say one at a time, then come back to my pc and move around a bit and still been dced in an inconsistent timeframe. This is especially frustrating when I am trying to grind out some of the consecutive runs bonus for shards and so
  10. Oh lort... I think I may have done that on accident. It has been a while since I played DD1. Lulz Thanks!
  11. I attempted to use my xbox1 controller first, then unplugged it to try keyboard/mouse, each time reloading the game after checking the integrity of the files(where it tells me it will reload 4 missing files). I also restore defaults before each launch. I am able to do attack motions only with my controller and only in the tavern, the ability disappears when I launch any map. I haven't had any of these issues with any other games either so I know the devices are working. Anyone have ideas?
  12. I've always sorted all of the "keeper" items and pet stuff in the last bags... Basically, first 4 bags were free-for-all, next 4 were eggs and pet related crap, then a bag for each specific class. It worked well until my lazy ass had to pick everything up. hehe
  13. I, for one, appreciate that yall listen to us promptly and work to figure out solutions. The first issue is my biggest, since I have always been an OCD SOB and need to have organization. haha. Can't wait to see what comes next!
  14. "Seeing it drop so frequently" is where I have an issue. Finding a legendary item that actually fits the build you want for a given character seems ridiculously difficult. Decreasing the drop rate even further would require playing 24/7 for a month to have a chance at getting specifically what you want.
  15. The main issue I have with the current inventory system is how the "temporary" box has all items blacked out so much that it is difficult and tedious scrolling over each item to determine what I want to save. As far as pet related items, I already sort them into their own bags, just wish the "re-roll" items could be moved out of the first bag permanently.
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