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  1. Besides the comments on the art (I think the new art style is decent), the rest of these comments are spot on, and summarizes well how I'm feeling about this game. Maps are all virtually the same (build at the same style choke on each map), and the weapons/itesms/hero half of the game feels non-existent. 3 hero abilities and 3 towers (for all intents and purposes) for each character feels quite shallow as well. Considering Alchemy Labs is the fourth map and the first boss in the game, I am pretty sure it was in classic, no? It was an extremely popular spot for Insane Survival, unlike Tinker
  2. Had the same problem - this "fix" works for me.
  3. Lightning - Are there plans on implementing a weapon system similar to the original DD? For example, bone bows pierce, blasters AoE, spread shot, reload time, projectile speed, etc. - where each weapon's model archetype determined its unique properties. (please say yes)
  4. True, thanks for pointing that out...its late :)
  5. So one of the things that made DD 1 so much fun was the weapon dynamics and the hunt for the perfect weapon. I'm not talking about the stats of the item, but rather their respective mechanic. For example, bone bows pierce, blasters AoE, mini-gun attack speed, sword length, scepter/staff/want spread, etc. I think this was a universally applauded mechanic. Is this a planned feature for the future? If not, I would strongly recommend it - it significantly added to the pure fun factor of the game as well as character customization. Currently, default attacking with heroes in DD 2 is boring. Impleme
  6. Still wrong. I've solo'd both first maps in freeplay hard with Squire/Monk for towers and a DPS huntress. All lvl 27 with an ilvl of about 88-92. With that said, having to grind these first two levels over and over and over and over sucks. The XP is complete *** and I'm lucky to see an upgrade after 3 full runs, and even then the upgrade is minimal (maybe 1-2 stat points). Gotta say, the game starts out fun and starts to suck really quickly. Never thought I'd say this, but man I really miss DD1. Such a better game in every single way besides graphics.
  7. The most significant comment that I can make regarding FP mode balance is the lack of mana available. This is especially obvious in FP hard mode, where there isn't enough mana to keep towers repaired through the first 2 levels.
  8. TL:DR: Trendy, stop being stingy with the loot and tower attack speed.
  9. Seriously...I would have 0 problems with this at this point...
  10. 2 hotfixes later and still no fix...
  11. Yesterday my quest progress was lost when the server was having issues. My questline is still gone and I can't progress in the game past my current campaign map (Liferoot Forest). This was supposed to be fixed in today's hotfix, but it wasn't. It's been 24 hours now and I still can't move on the game... Anyone know a fix for this? There is a similar post in the bugs forums, but no acknowledgement from Trendy...
  12. Just logged in after the most recent hotfix...still don't have my questline, still can't progress in the game. C'mon Trendy, get your *** together, its been 24 hours now...
  13. I'm in the same situation on Liferoot Forest.
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