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  1. Hmm id rather that not come into play on this game...Lets all go back to DD1. and see how bad that system was. people paid irl money for items that alot of the time.. got hacked in. Yes i understand that you cant hack in DD2 because its all server sided blah blah blah. but.. lets say we enabled trading again like how it was in DD1. Gold itself is useless. I can make 1 mil in little to under and hour of c7 farming. so no point in me trading items for gold. Medals? Eh no point in that either. i own everyone i want and have end game c7 gear all upgraded and same with shards. my only use for medals at this point now is to get the last 2 characters i dont have or pets. The only other option you could do is go the warframe route and enable people to trade in game currency I.E. gems for items. But then people would still abuse this and just trade for irl cash like in DD1. So honestly, a trade system with how loot works in this game is just a bad idea because lets be honest they would have to restrict ALOT of stuff or this game will just become a pay to win game. Dont wanna grind from c1 to cX? Pay XX for a relic to jump start your gear progression and be able to do anything you want! (except kill rollers lol.) Edit: Personally im not even going to lie id take advantage of this market and im sure many others would but prolly wont admit to it lol.
  2. Actually marks are not better : ^ ) Medals are still the best. your prolly going to be like. NANI!?!?! Well Why use a mark and lose out on the flat juicy flat damage and risk it all on crits? yea.. sureee you could just risk the 30% crit chance. or.. use a handy tool i call.. POWER TRANSFERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. whats that!?!?! well it takes 60% *gasp* 60!?!?! yes. 60% of your def power and turns it into crit. without actually takeing away that def power. so what does it even meme!?!? Medals with power transfer are basically a medal and mark combined.
  3. Isnt that what youre doing when you complain about trendy?
  4. Having the same issues aswell and Shift Tabing to bring overlay up takes a solid 3-5 secs and same with closing it. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x GPU: NVidia Gtx 980 RAM: 32GB DDR3 SSD: Idk its some stock one that came with my computer. its a 250gb GFX Setting:High Res: 1680x1050
  5. Once in private and once in public. first game public 2nd private The public one was on the dragonfall bazaar and the private one was on forest crossroads. Idk much of the details about 1 since i joined as people was building. soon as they finished and everyone hit g the match just didnt go anywhere. 2nd game my buddy asked me for help in C1 so i joined built and he said nvm he had to go and droped out i decided to just do it for the shards and medals and yea. again it didnt go anywhere it just sat there again like the first one. am sad lost win streak in pubs because of bug ; (
  6. So today iv had 2 lobby's where iv pressed g and the match just wont start it just sits there with myself only in ithe match "waiting for players to press G" it even displays a check mark next to my name. i let it go for a few mins and nothing happens. I have had this happen two times today. once solo and once again in a c1 lobby with randoms.
  7. Tbh this is kind of a meh idea simply because i rarly ever go on twitch nor do i care to buy twitch prime so i don't get bombarded with ads. i don't really care for this idea or really support it im fine with communication on the forums simply because i don't have to see ads about toilet paper or hear DUCE DUCE DUCES WILD ever 5 mins. While i like the idea i feel it best be put to the forums or heck even small showcases on youtube.
  8. Started happening to me aswell Amd Ryzen 7 1700x, GTX 980, 32gb of ram.
  9. My sky cannons are soling just fine. so idk whats wrong on your end.
  10. Yea it's been 5 days as of today lol. I tried for a refund today but found out all in game sales were final haha. But since ascensions duty never stops o found myself grinding back. Which is not a problem I just want my shards,Betsy, or gold/defenders medals spent back. "RIP BETSY GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN" overall I'll probably keep submitting a ticket every other day to exact my revengešŸ˜ˆ yea? seems like a good way to get ignored from support if you ask me. imo you didnt really lose much. Gold? i made 1 mil in a few runs so its what ever. Medals again easly farmable im sitting on 5k after 3 ish days. Shards are pretty easy to farm i have almost 4 of each major one needed. And as for the pet yea sad to see it gone but tbh i dont own it so i dont know it uses i own other pets that i think are just fine and they are hatched ones. like the aoe burn dragon. But to be fair overall your plan to exact revenge is kind of childish.. especially since its not like you lost much...
  11. back in the day one could simply join their friend who was endgame. run a map and be in end game gear. this is why the new loot system is in place.
  12. Not really because i can progress in the correct direction. aka not backwards. Also DD304 game isnt dead its actually gaining players maybe you should go look at the steam charts before you make claims. DD2 Playerbase
  13. Tbh progression is fine. i went from c1-c7 in roughly 10 days. which i find fair. and gear wise idk whats wrong with dd304 the entire communtiy has tried to help him i think hes just memeing at this point. but im already at 20k relics almost 21k relics i believe the max is 22k. protip just ignore dd304 ever since trendy betrayed him and gave xbox a map for dd2 that we get in the next update hes been.. well... rather upset.
  14. Are you saying that relics don't add to your ipwr total ? And only hero gear is used to determine drops? This doesn't seem right. actually i was testing this on my mule.. it is correct.. my mule was a squire with 0 relics i only used armor shield and weapon and i was progressing actually alot faster. not as fast as a gw alone since relics still droped. so i think trendy droped the ball here or something because yea you dont have to equip relics at all.
  15. Oh boy! This is what.. the 6th thread made by this guy with his "Loot" probelms and that he "Cant understand" it and that its "Not me but the system itself thats broken!" and the "OMG IM QUITTING THIS GAME UNTILL TRENDY GIVES ME A MAX STAT RELIC!" to the "Trendy hates us because we dont get a single map xbox got because i think its an xbox exclusive map even tho devs said we get it soon but i dont care!" No but seriously.. are you still having that much of an issue? like dude half of the 50 people that still play this game explained to you how it works in all 6 of your threads lol.
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