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  1. OH OH NEW DOWNLOAD!!!! Stop... this is Payday 2...
  2. Why KatKarot (Premium cat for 250 gems) has 5 dps? P.S. Where is update?
  3. Where is achievement like: "Refresh steam 600 times" or "Wait new update more than 10 hours"
  4. How I can become a super beta-tester that can help find bugs in future updates. To put it briefly, it is possible to get access to the closed beta test?
  5. You are all right, but this will be great to new players that want to go on hard maps or for veterans that geared 4+ heroes
  6. What about triple exp event? We want this.
  7. Well how about onslaught records? 1 ppl 2 ppl 3 ppl 4 ppl on all difficulty
  8. Well, mage must be reworked, I have some ideas. 1) Mana bomb. Mana bomb be meant like TOTAL DESTRUCTION SPELL, but it deal 10-50k damage, wtf? Rework: 10-50k dmg, 3 seconds cast, costs 100 mana -> 100-130k dmg, 5 seconds cast, costs 100-200 mana, can be canceled by hiting. 2) Frost tower. I thought up new uber slot for mages. Now frost tower freezes the enemy who was under a beam more than 5 seconds. Add atk speed to tower, 100 def speed = -1 sec to freeze enemy (If you want to back def speed on items make it 300 def speed = -1 sec to freeze enemy).
  9. I'd like to see weapon's skin replacement like in WoW (World of Warcraft). How it works: You get weapon with nice skin and weapon with good stats, you go to special NPC and replace skin from first weapon to second. It can looks like: [First Weapon's skin] -> [Second Weapon's skin] or [Weapon 1 90 iPWR] + [Weapon 2 600 iPWR] = [Weapon 1 600 iPWR]
  10. Best find: Heavy and Engineer in tavern :D
  11. You are all banned for reading my post
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