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  1. To the unable to save issue, perhaps your save files are locked and for that reason can not be written to? using tapatalk app for android
  2. after i did something in the steam folder (or in the dd app thing) i am now able to use the configure when starting up DD.. but still not able to play with steam in online mode...
  3. sadly, steam overlay was not the case... i can't make DD write logs either, cause it never gets that far...
  4. all i could think of, is there is some sort of validation that goes wrong, which is skipped when in offline mode... maybe some with the steam overlay? which won't come with the "press shift + tab (or whatever) to access steam community while playing" the overlay is still there yes, but won't have to connect to any internet meanwhile... or the thing that shows what new stuff you have gotten? that goes wrong. idk...
  5. DD mac version is really slow(retina)... And i cant configure DD.. i figured out how to configure it, but you have to find the configuration manually, in your steam folder, just show content of the dungeon defenders and look around in the different folders in there, you will find it eventually.
  6. Hi, i don't know if im the only one experiencing this, but when i start up dungeon defenders, with steam in online mode, it goes into black screen right after the start up videos. while running it with steam in offline mode, no problems occur, and im ofc. only able to play in local... anyways, if anybody knows a fix for it, please let me know. system specs: Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per Core): 2
  7. i wouldn't directly consider it cheating, more like a shortcut into high-end stuff (but sometimes the items are hacked) anyways, they should get closed, and im not sure trendy ever checks shopnames in this game for some reason. people have tried to post about trendy not checking shopnames before, and they are still here...
  8. well, the problem with wyverns and spiders spamming in the end of the waves persists in almost all survival maps, moraggo as an example, at wave 14 with about 600 mobs left, 300 (of each) spiders and wyverns spawns all at the same time, and floods you, unless your defense takes the spiders out before webbing happens.
  9. i guess its caused by that those 2 stats usually caps at 128
  10. I hope you are aware of how **** norton is. Hackers have a sport called "bypads norton" it doesn't work for **** at all, even if you 100 dollars or smth. Uninstall it, and never think of it. using tapatalk app for android
  11. I think I saw my first hacker last night in a game. It was a huntress with 1600-2000 in every Hero and Tower Stat. They were putting traps at spawn locations (no towers or anything) and trying to do maps that way and didn't seem to know how to play very well. Just seems odd that someone that lucky, if it is even possible to be that lucky, would invest so much rare items into a Huntress Hybrid. I should of taken pictures but didn't. He might've bought stuff through paypal using tapatalk app for android
  12. i can confirm that it is the water, as i tried jumping in, and i was fast enough to get up again. and i have seen several orcs (and even ogres) fall in, and dont know what to do with themself afterwards...
  13. base dmg was 1700 with 3 shots a second +1 projectile with 155 ups i've got a myth a little better than that... with 250 ups...
  14. Hello there everybody. im hoping that somebody has a good layout for low tower stat squire.
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