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  1. Or you know, they could make it a priority to fix the economy. Items sell for to less, things cost to much. It is totally broken...
  2. Try not to take this the wrong way, but there are some major flaws with your ideas on trading alone. The level cap is pointless, as leveling up a character is already easy enough and gear while leveling up with "op gear" will not be a long term issue, if its an issue at all.limiting gold to 5k a trade? are you kidding me, that is such a low amount it would be pure insanity to do something like this. what is the point of trading at all if you cant trade legendary gear? Seriously.i don't think anyone will be trading lockboxes at all unless they completely revamp how they work at a core. This is a non-issue.warning boxes are a good thing, no issue with having things being clear to the player.i think this goes without questionthe economy of this game needs to be fixed before trading is implemented, but yes i would like that to be soon.
  3. Would this be because we are getting Betsy Incursion map , or because the daily wont be selected anymore?
  4. No info on the subject just yet. :) We'll have more news on the PS4 version and everything surrounding it later in the year. Awesome, thanks for the response. I know personally the only way i will even touch the PS4 version is if i can use the same account that i am currently using on PC. With that, i know i would get a lot more people to play the game in general if i could play on both PS4 and PC with the same account. Mainly due to me talking the game up to all my console buddies, they would love the chance to play the game with me, but i wont start a fresh account just to play on PS4. I know i bring up Diablo 3 to much on this forum, but that's the main reason i didn't play a ton on PS4. I bought the game twice, but having to restart on the PS4 version was to much of a hindrance to keep playing it.
  5. Dont know if you can say anything about this iamisom, but has there been any word on having joint accounts between ps4 and PC? A simple "no info on the subject yet" response would suffice.
  6. I don't know if this is intended, but i have been finding so much gear with double magic resist, or double physical resist. This has created a problem lately where i have just not been able to find much good gear over the past week or two. Now i don't remember this normally happening but i don't know if im just losing my mind to old age (lets hope not). So is this intended or is this just a bug that was introduced in the last few patches? Here is a picture of an example http://imgur.com/f8Uwflt
  7. Was it just the server issues, or is it confirmed that there was an issue with the event over the weekend. It seemed that a lot of people (myself included) did not seem to be getting any boost in legendary drops in freeplay, or any boost in drop rate of the new staff.
  8. Also love when you get legendary items with physical resist, physical resist, and Hero attack on an item. Absolutely useless...
  9. Im currently playing free play to level a 50 and i am not getting nearly any legs. I have probably played liferoot hard free play 10 or 15 times and i have about 3 legendaries from it all.
  10. Yeah, between the legionaries not really dropping, and not being able to get past the black screen after clicking play, i hope they extend this event into the week.
  11. Is anyone even noticing more of a drop % on legendaries or frost gear? Im playing hard free play maps and have yet to get a single legendary, and im getting just as much blockade gear as i am frost, but either way, very little frost gear.
  12. An idea i was throwing around in my head today was to have the heroes passive gear drop form different levels. Now this would only be good if the maps were all dropping the same ipwr, that way you could get passive gear at max ipwr from all the levels. But if we had say one type of passive being dropped at a significantly higher rate from 1 map,or even exclusively, then people would go and grind that map for the specific gear they are looking for. Since it seems each class will have multiple passive gear skills this could easily span across a large number of the maps, giving incentive to finally play the maps that most of us have not visited since the campaign.
  13. I think this is something trendy really needs to look at! I can remember so many maps from DD1, because i played so many. Mainly because of the loot that dropped from each one was different. But ill tell you what maps i know well from DD2. Liferoot - grinding xp betsy - grinding xp throne room - grinding xp
  14. your politeness made me smile, that's all :)
  15. I haven't played Path of Exile, but i know i played Diablo 3. And i was actually thinking about this over the weekend, i think it would be awesome if we had a paragon system implemented in DD2. For people who dont know what the paragon system did for Diablo 3, it was a separate leveling system that went on for forever. it would take a while to level up but when you did you got ability points to put into stats. Note this would only be a small amount of points, so it would not do much compared to gear, but it was something! These stats would be account wide so it would help your max characters and low level characters, and would give a small reward for playing, for those times that you hit a gear drought. Really satisfying, not game breaking, and most of all not hand holding. You simply get a small something for putting in a lot of time. I might get a lot of flack on this thread for this idea, as most of you are anti the OP's idea, but o well, i would be lying if i said i didn't think about it this weekend as i played on my max level character
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