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  1. Trendy's next update: "ultra shards! with 10 gilded shards, you get a random ultra shard!"
  2. I've been playing a few matches lately, and noticed I wasn't getting the ammount of legendaries I should from the end game chest. For anyone wondering, I mean this: Two Players: Two additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a third! Three Players: Four additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a fifth! Four Players: Six additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a seventh! I was playing with another 3 players, and got the regular rewards, with an occasional 3rd legendary. I was playing Trials at C7.
  3. I'm too used to hearing this :'( Jokes aside, sorry, I completely misread your post. Still, this is what many people has been saying about the game. Trendy has been building *on top* of already existing mechanics, instead of fixing previous ones and building parallel to them. The game has slowly started to become a rabbithole of features to make the end game deeper and deeper instead of actually adding features you can find as soon you start the game, which leaves new players with the game as it was several years ago besides a few tweaks/fixes.
  4. Which adds to my point. Nothing against you, by far, but is it fair for players who play everyday to have their forum posts dismissed while a player who hasn't played for (months? you didn't specify, but I will assume so, correct me if I'm wrong!) a long time has more powr than them in the future of the game?
  5. You're still talking about a minority here. In your first post you said "We have been putting out massive surveys and have received thousands of responses". Considering in the last month of august the game barely went over 1000 players (1042 to be exact), I would like to know which version of dungeon defenders 2 the other several thousands of players are playing. If you mean cumulative, you should have in mind the progress between the application of those changes. How many of those players said "oh boy, we would like a system that resets our entire progress in this loot farming game!"? What were the responses after you applied it? How many (most probably private) surveys did you run for the QA, RQA and RPG testers that included several changes that didn't come in one go, and instead got released progressively, possibly changing the outcome of those surveys after trying the changes made by those surveys? How wide was the scope of those surveys? Anecdotal evidence and posts in the forums DO account for the majority of players just as well as those players in the QA/RQA/RPG testers do. If you're willing to open the development of the game to a minority of players instead of leaving it to the studio developing it, don't dismiss what is actually happening in the live game as an effect of the choices made by those players. You're dismissing the opinion of the end user, which is a massive mistake to make when it comes to these things, and I know about that, working as a web/software developer. When you say something is "not true", you are basing it off of your personal experience, which if it has been negative, we apologize, but from everything we've gathered, it is not how the large majority of games usually go. When I say something is "not true" I'm basing it off of my hundreds of hours and even more hundreds of matches played in the game. I'm speaking from in-game experience talking with people in-game, in the tavern, during matches and from things other people told me. I filter stuff such as players saying they got kicked from a match because they were disrupting the game (causing kobolds to destroy towers or being ***s in general), I'm just presenting generalized evidence of what a regular user's experience is in the game. A survey won't tell you the result of a player who is looking for users to try and complete a match with only dps players. A survey won't tell you how many times someone got kicked off a game because they could only provide DPS after a difficulty change. Your RQA/RPG teams are not experiencing a neutral experience of the game, and are not a "regular" user who plays casually the game. As an example, what would you do if juicebags/dreamanime (to say 2 of the most famous users around that come to mind) say the game would be better by halving a hero's health? If you implement the changes, would you dismiss the regular user's (in this case, the end user's) feedback saying this hero is getting one shot by a sneeze in his general direction? These changes got suggested by two players that are well above and beyond a regular user's level of skill, and could probably do with a no-hit gamemode, but you're applying their skill-based changes to users whose playtime is well below 5% of those two user's playtime. I know your RPG team is exactly for that kind of players, but *how many users* are there in that group? Do you weigh their opinion as much as the rest of the test groups? If they're a group for that kind of people, I highly doubt they spend the time testing things such as ascension power (which is a massively time consuming task made for the most hardcore players), and if you do give them "shortcuts" to make it easier for them to test it, it means they're automatically disqualified as a valid opinion for those kind of things, since they're not bound by the same rules as a "regular user", which also means it defeats the purpose of the RPG testing group, which also leads to you having to rely on the most hardcore players who always ask for more of a challenge, which in turn also makes things harder to reach for the regular user. I know that is the entire point of ascension power, and that changes are coming, but it's an example. My experience in DD2 has been mixed, and I wouldn't -by far- say it's been a negative experience, but the game itself forces you to have a negative experience. Kicking afk players, players who are forced to DPS because they want to play with other people, but the difficulty scaling makes it impossible for them to build, people kicking DPS players because they're looking for a builder... There are lots of factors at play in here, and every change, every suggestion, and every post, coming be it from Marcos, from a discord comment, from a survey or even from a random user in the forum talking about "anecdotal evidence" should've been taken into account. You're a person. A survey has set answers with yes/no, a rating from 1 to 5, or a short explanation about "why", but you, and any other person with some criteria can pick between a post about "woah I found a matchmaking group that kicked me for no reason" or "end game exp rewards got lowered" and choose what to dismiss. What are the variables on the first one? Was the guy being a jerk and left it off? Or maybe there were other factors at play that got him kicked? A post like that is hard to judge, and you can only hope he found a better group, but what about the user getting less xp? (I know you've seen that thread, that's why I'm using it as an example :p) He's posting screenshots comparing pre and post patch xp gains. That also counts as anecdotal evidence and maybe there are other factors at play, but that thread in particular got some people reporting the same. Same thing here. I may be talking from anecdotal evidence, but my "anecdotal evidence" comes from being in those forums for several years, playing the game regularly and reading several user's discussions, complaints, stories... Many users with similar experiences as me won't ever come here to post like I do, participate in surveys or anything, which means you should go *in* the game, and see for yourself. Theorycrafting from a bunch of data is one thing, but there's always practical evidence. When was the last time you made a fresh steam account, not related to your name or anything at all, booted vanilla DD2 and tried to play from scratch anonymously without any of your friends? By the way: I know juicebags and dreamanime are really useful members of this community, the former releasing almost mandatory guides for any new player and the latter submitting a massive ammount of bug reports that make the game a really awesome, bug-free experience for the rest users, but their skill in-game is real. We've even received a lot of feedback that suggestions made in this thread made public games in DD1 absolutely terrible experiences, leading to a lot of trolling and exploitation. We don't take that feedback as "well that negates that feedback", we accept it all and go from there. That is fantastic, but I would like to point out you're kind of contradicting the rest of your post here. Might be a slip, but you literally started your post with you saying you dismiss user experiences in-game and posts on the forums from suggestions. If you're talking from only this forum post, what makes this forum post more important than the rest? Is it because it comes from a defense council member? Is he more important than the rest of users? (no offense [[43706,users]], and sorry if I did!). There's probably a good middle ground to be found, and for this thread, I'll repeat it again, we are not done with these systems. Getting mad that one system is getting improvements and assuming others are not going to get the same attention is going to lead to pointless frustration. Stuff takes time. We're not even close to done yet. Of course you're not done with these systems, but that's not an excuse for how you're justifying how you dismiss "end-user" experience as a feedback. Once again: Anecdotal evidence, or even posts on the forums, don't account for the majority of how players play DD2. That is one of the worst things you can ever say, to be honest. I don't want to be rude, but after reading that the first thing that came to mind was that you had no idea about this topic. Of course it could've been a slip and I just misunderstood your expression (we're humans; we make mistakes).
  6. The game is called Dungeon Defenders II, and it's under the Tower Defense category. It's not "BEEEEEEEEEES!!! II" and it's not under the "Bees vs Goblins" category.
  7. Or, you can just focus on defenses with your 1 Dryad. Did you actually play the game before the Accession or whatever big update, which was the one where they screwed up how skill points work? I'll just explain how it use to work. There use to be basic stats you could put points into. They were things like Defense Attack or Damage, and health and range and speed and so on. And there were the Hero/Character attack, health, and so on. It was a simple but effective system. What the devs should've done was to just take that system and expand it like they did, but at least leave it just two skill categories instead of three. And like I said, it feels better if you know you'll get a skill point for character or defenses every other level, rather than every 3 levels. Mate I used to work since closed alpha (pre-wipeageddon). You had to have a character with spheres for a particular defense, built with stats for that defense, and prior to that you needed those terrible passives (gotta love my aura huntress!). What we got now is So. Much. Better. than what we had before. This system is part of a whole, bigger system that unified DPS and defenses. They split armor (head, chest, glove, boots, weapon/shield) and relics into hero and tower stats, respectively. They also made ascension like that so your hero had a side-growth for dps and towers, and make it grow equally. If they made it like you say, they might as well go back to the old system and let us put armor with defense stats because that would make towers much stronger. The only issue I have with Ascension is the third tree, which feels like it was "well, we have all these stats we don't know what to do with them... let's dump them into a third tree". Having hero/tower crit, together with tower range and hero mana and speed in a tree is no bueno. Defeats the purpose of the system, and they should move those stats to the other two, or make a 4th tree with "utilities" (pls trendy don't do that last one).
  8. I have to disagree with you here, Lawlta. Real feedback comes from playing the game, not from throwing a survey inside a forum and just laying back on the couch. Have in mind people who answered the surveys are people who "play hard", and most of the time solo the game. In-game, the experience is massively different! I will break everything up: Defenders want to build towers in the majority of games.Not true. In 3~4/5 games, you'll join a match where you'll have people dropping their mana to whoever joins. Same if you start a game and wait for 3 players. Everyone starts asking "who's building?" and dropping their mana. Things may change in onslaught, but onslaught isn't the entire game; there's more besides it, and many players will never touch it. Very few want to only use active heroes when playing.Not true either. Besides what I said above, you just need to open the in-game match list and you'll see tons of rooms with people asking for builders in the name. While afking maps is what the majority of players aim for, it's much easier to use a dps hero (you can contribute a ton with CC abilities!) than a builder. A lot of Defenders give mana out quite a bit if they don't want to build.Well, duh? There's the occasional *** who won't drop mana if they don't want to build, but why wouldn't you if there's someone willing to build? Our feedback on parties is REALLY simple. We just want DD1's system. The host should have all the powers (choosing map, kicking people without vote, next map/to tavern...). If I start a game looking for builders and 3 gunwitches join and just afk expecting a builder to join (I've seen people do that while I went to the toilet before building), you want to be able to kick one of them or several (many people will just not vote or will be afk, so voting is just not possible). Hell, I'd even say nobody should be able to G unless the host does so! I hate building on the first wave, and have everyone press G when I'm at 200/800 DUs. And it happens. A lot. While it's cool to get information from surveys, that's a terrible way to get information from your game. Have in mind every place you collect information will target different kind of players. An occasional player will probably never check these forums, and if they do, they probably can't be arsed or get immersed in the community enough to participate in surveys. You need to get different sources. Go play from scratch. Make an anonymous account and see how the progress for a new, casual player is. Try to play a C4 match fresh off of C3. See how many people leave your game only by seeing your iPWR, how iPWR 7000+ players join your game and drop mana expecting you to build, not helping, or even worse, how boring it gets when one of those players build a flame aura on each spawn to rush the map, not letting you try strategies and progress through the game "properly". Let us restrict maximum power to join as well as minimum.
  9. Trust me. This is so much better than what we had before. It was not cool to having to make 4 dryads, one for each tower and an additional one for DPS (two if you wanted a hero damage and ability power one). It also applied to *all* heroes.
  10. The hopes for a proper patch that makes this game what I expected it to be.
  11. Are you supposed to use a different account than your main one?
  12. I'll go straight to the point: We now made it so that instead of getting a ton of extra loot, you’re guaranteed to get additional legendaries when playing multiplayer. Here’s how it’s going to look: Two Players: Two additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a third! Three Players: Four additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a fifth! Four Players: Six additional legendaries guaranteed, with a chance at a seventh! With this change there is now less strain on inventory, guaranteed better loot drops, and since they are all legendaries, guaranteed additional chances at getting some perfect "Qualibean™" mods! Since you're getting less total items when playing multiplayer now (when compared to before the hotfix), we increased the sale prices on items to compensate this change. We also added in some additional goodness to multiplayer bonuses as well. Now when playing together, you’ll also receive more experience points: Two Players: 33% additional experience points! Three Players: 66% additional experience points! Four Players: 99% additional experience points! I have to say, that after so many misses on patches, Trendy nailed this one. Putting selling prices back at their original setting and giving coop players more, fixed rewards is what a lot of people has been waiting for, and the most important part? It doesn't touch single player; it only "buffs" coop gameplay. Last patch giving players more drops in exchange of lowering prices was a HUGE miss (as Lawlta mentioned, getting a chestful of greens/blues wasn't nice at all). The only thing I'm waiting for is what are they going to do with inventory management (see: Material vaults, what the hell?), and what's going to happen to the material vault (in my opinion, using poor inventory management capabilities to almost force players to buy more bags/vault pages/material vault is a horrendous choice, and I prefer the old inventory system (the vertical scrolling bags with either 16 or 32 slots of storage) than the new one. Why do I think inventory management could be better, and know Trendy *can* do it better? Using DD1 as an example, inventory was so massive you could say it was infinite. You could make named folders (and more folders inside those folders!), and give them names. You could easily drag and drop from one to the other with one of the smoothest inventory management systems I've ever seen in a game.With the previous example, and all this "advanced tech" (from prothean shift) as an excuse, inventory could be ported to a version of what we had in DD1. Change "slots" to "capacity" (make and let us make our own folders/bags. Instead of having 4 bags with 64 slots, give us a capacity of 256 items and let us place everything wherever we want.Stackable shards. Ever since shards came out, inventory clutter has been a real issue. Add materials and mods and you have the worst case of forced inventory clutter in video game history. Make it a book in-game or whatever. A list with all our shards sorting each type from lowest to highest level so we can easily pick would be a huge advancement. Add a proper material bag (we won't talk about the issues here, see the thread I linked earlier in this post, but an auto-collect as soon as you get it would be a huge improvement, although the price is privative for something that should've been in the game earlier or even for free) and it will be a massive step towards a smooth player experience and away from "Inventory Simulator 3000".With the previous point in mind, issues like having to store things in material bags manually or even shard gilding will be gone(ish). One of the biggest problems with gilding besides the horrendous RNG is the ammount of space it takes. If you could stack shards somewhere, you could forget about managing those hundreds of shards you're required to gild and just check from time to time so you can play without so many worries in mind (currently, you have to stop playing the "defenders" part in "dungeon defenders" to manage your inventory. No bueno.All in all, I just hope this patch is one step towards "what DD2 should have been" and Trendy realizing rewarding players is good for the community (they buffed drops in coop gameplay without nerfing anything to the floor, so that's a huge step!). Thanks for your time, and I welcome your thoughts and opinion about mine.
  13. I use the Dryad as an overall DPS character. She can AoE, slow, tank and nuke (corrupted starfall damage is insane). She also has pretty good movement speed and can fly. It only gets better if you use her defenses.
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